2023 Excellence in Healthcare Education Award winners:

The Post Graduate Medical Education Team at St George’s will  host their annual Excellence in Healthcare Education Awards on 20/06/2023.

We will be celebrating the many impressive initiatives, innovations and examples of high quality education and training taking place across the Trust and the Medical School/SGUL. As well as recognising colleagues’ contribution to education & training, this will be a forum to recognise the excellent work trainees and students have done in areas of Quality Improvement and Education, through poster submission. Members of the Trust Executive  and SGUL teams will be issuing the awards to winners at the event.

Two ways to get involved:-

1.Submit a poster – There are two categories, QI and Education. The top ten posters in each category will be featured during the event, with each participant (included in the top ten) receiving a certificate of merit. In addition to a certificate of merit, the first place winner(s) in each category will receive a John Lewis cash voucher. This is a great opportunity to showcase the outstanding work that you have been doing, for example – effective teaching; preparation for practice; professionalism, patient centred innovation, efficiency etc.  Please encourage your colleagues/teams to submit posters to no later than midnight on 31st May 2023.  Posters should be formatted to A1 size before submitting, as we need to print the top ten posters for each category to display at the event.

2. Cast a vote – a chance for Junior doctors, SGUL students, Nursing/Midwifery & AHP students and Nurses/Nursing Associates/Healthcare Support Workers/Midwives/AHPs, to recognise their mentors, supervisors, lecturers, tutors etc. We have a number of categories to vote in and winners will be announced/recognised and awarded a certificate of merit during the event. Please ensure you get your votes in no later than midnight on 31st May 2023.  Voting links can be find below:

Excellence In Education 2023 – Junior Doctors and Physician Associates Nominations.

Excellence in Education 2023 – For Nurses, Nursing Associates, Healthcare Support workers, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals to nominate.

Excellence in Education 2023 – Nursing, Midwifery and AHP students.

Excellence in Education 2023 – SGUL Student nominees.