Excellence in Education Awards 2023

2023 Excellence in Healthcare Education Award winners:

The Post Graduate Medical Education Team at St George’s host their annual Excellence in Healthcare Education Awards on 20/06/2023.

We were celebrating the many impressive initiatives, innovations and examples of high quality education and training taking place across the Trust and the Medical School/SGUL. As well as recognising colleagues’ contribution to education & training, this was a forum to recognise the excellent work trainees and students have done in areas of Quality Improvement and Education, through poster submission. Members of the Trust Executive  and SGUL teams were issuing the awards to winners at the event.

Recognition and Awards:

SGUL student nominees:

  • Best Peer Teacher – Hussain Memon – SGUL Medical Student
  • Healthcare professional that has made the biggest educational impact on your training – Miss Yael Gelfer – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Most Inspiring Lecturer – Dr James Buckley – Respiratory Lecturer, SGUL
  • Best Project Supervisor – Dr Thushari Welikala –  Senior Lecturer in higher education, Innovation & Development

Postgraduate Trainees/Junior Doctors:

  • Best Peer Group Teacher / Mentor – Dr Ahmed Abbas – ST6 Neurology
  • Clinician that has made the biggest educational impact on your training – Dr Anthony Pereira – Neurology and Stroke Consultant, SGH
  • Most Inspiring Lecturer – Dr Argyro Zoumprouli – Consultant in Neuro-anaesthesia and Neuro Intensive Care
  • Best Project Supervisor – Prof Asma Khalil – Professor of Obstetrics and Maternal-Foetal Medicine

Nurses, Nursing Associates, Healthcare Support workers, Midwives and Allied Health Professional:

  • Best practice educator in your department – Salvatore Patinella – Practice Educator in Acute Medicine
  • Staff member with the biggest educational impact on your learning and development – Claire Borrelli  – Head of Education & Training – Breast Unit
  • Most Inspiring Lecturer – Kathy Dalley – Lead Practice Educator – ICU

Nursing Midwifery and AHP student nominees:

  • Best clinical practice supervisor – Darius Leung-Kwok Staff Nurse (Major Trauma)
  • Best clinical practice assessor – Cindy Sarzuelo Junior sister Rodney Smith ward

Divisional Faculty Recognition & Awards:

  • Patrick Steptoe Award – Dr Alexander Frick – Consultant in Obstetrics & Foetal Medicine (Awarded for his contribution to excellence in education and training in the Children’s, Women’s, & Therapeutics Directorate  in 2023)
  • Patrick Steptoe AwardDr Rosy Wells – Paediatric Allergy Consultant, GOSW, SRTW lead (Awarded for her contribution to transforming the SuppoRTT program and supervisors’ development in 2023)
  • Henry Bence Jones Award – Dr Catherine Cox – Consultant in Haematology (Awarded for her contribution to excellence in education and training in the Medicine and Cardiovascular  Directorate in 2023)
  • Henry Bence Jones Award – Dr Arshia Panahloo Consultant Endocrinologist (Awarded for her contribution to excellence in education and training in the Medicine and Cardiovascular Directorate in 2023)
  • Benjamin Brodie Award – Mr Samer Saour – Consultant Plastic Surgeon (Awarded for his contribution to excellence in education and training in the Surgical Directorate in 2023)
  • Peter Kopelman Medal – Dr Jessica Moore Consultant Obstetrician & CD for O&G (Awarded for her contribution to transformation in education and training in 2023)
  • Aggrey Washington Burke Award – Dr Elwinah TimehinConsultant in Audiovestibular Medicine (Awarded for her contribution in transforming the SAS/LED and IMG experience at SGH in 2023)

Winning Posters:

  • Best Educational Poster – Investigating barriers to surgical careers and addressing the growing need for diverse role models in surgery through a mentoring event (Sabba A Hussain; Mona Jaffar-Karballai; Rebecca Beni; Anna Bridgens; Yael Gelfer)
  • Most Innovative Quality Improvement Project – Enhanced IMG Induction Programme at SGH and its outcomes (Sharon Fernandes; Muhammad Amaran; Afzal Latheef; Jomine Puthupparmbil; Kassiani Iliadou; Tanvi Kumar; Dhanya Saseendran; Silvana Alcala; Indranil Chakravorty)


Top 10 posters in Education category:

1. Investigating barriers to surgical careers and addressing the growing need for diverse role models in surgery through a mentoring eventWinner

2. ZOOMing Twin and Multiple pregnancies webinar series

3. NICU Bitesize Orientation Programme.

4. Moorfield inpatient waiting times.

5. Diversity of Speakers in Health and Social Care

6. Post Pandemic Era Online to Hybrid and F2F Teaching

7. Exploring the hot sharp stab of outrage in behaviours that challenge: pilot of an educational response to support patients and staff in Neuro

8. HoloLens in Plastic Surgery: What is the Future?

9. Complex Neuroscience Education Event Led By Clinical Nurse Specialists

10. Tracheostomy teaching


Top 10 posters in QI category:

1.Enhanced IMG Induction ProgrammeWinner

2. Surgery and Opioids: Streamlining the Elective Patient Surgical Journey, A service Improvement Project

3. Assessing and improving understanding of BAD guidelines on excision biopsy margins for different clinically suspected skin cancers.

4. A One Stop Guide for IMGs to Living and Working in Paediatrics in the UK.

5. Improving radiology requests in foundation doctors: a quality improvement project.

6. Improving the Reporting of Nasogastric Tube Check Chest Radiographs.

7. Straight to vasectomy.

8. Benchmarking Non Invasive Ventilation Facilities in Paediatric Wards Across London Hospitals.

9. Paediatric intussusception ‘How to’ Video: Quality Improvement project​.

10. Introduction of Respiratory Care Bundle on the Neonatal Unit.


Other poster submissions :

Paediatric Out of Hours Staffing Across London Hospitals

Do we manage elective paediatric orthopaedic conditions at St George’s Hospital according to the ‘Getting It Right First Time’ (GIRFT) standard?

Introducing a Cardiogenic Shock Call Service – A new concept

Creating a collaborative digital platform for FY1 Students

An Elective in Simulation: Bridging the Gap Between Learner and Teacher

Fetoscopy simulation

Fundoscopy is fundamental

Hand Hub

Improvement of AMU Placement Evaluation

Local Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures

Education Programme to Enhance Management of Oncology and Haematology Inpatients with Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression (MSCC)

6 tips for maintaining good health for staff

PA in robotics

A collaborative project aimed at improving the acute rehabilitation unit environment in order to increase patient’s social interaction and better support their sense of well being – PHASE 1

Smoking cessation strategies within Specialist In-patient Rehabilitation

Neonatal & Paediatric Surgical Study Day

Paediatric Major Trauma Case Study

Power of Student-Staff and University-Trust Collaboration

‘PRESS to Start’ – Introducing a TIVA checklist at a large teaching hospital


Self-managed educational time

Improving student preparedness for foundation training, confidence in task prioritisation and multi-disciplinary team communication using on-call simulation training for final year medical students