Education and Research

Education and Research is central to what we do at St George’s. We aim to train the next generation of healthcare professionals to be better than the previous one; we aim to be a centre where new knowledge is found and improves patient care. We are fortunate in working in close partnership with St George’s, University of London, the only dedicated healthcare university in the UK. We also work closely with Kingston University and other institutions to host clinical teaching programmes.

We are committed to providing the highest quality education programmes for our staff, partners, GPs and student doctors and nurses, and to driving lasting improvements in patient care across south London by through research and innovation.

We aim to:

  • Ensure development of a competent and capable¬†workforce
  • Be a national leader in multiprofessional training
  • Implement innovative training pathways
  • Be a field leader in patient safety training
  • Play a leading role in the South London Education
  • Ensure the infrastructure and facilities support the¬†delivery of excellent education

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