Privacy and Cookies

Taking care of your privacy

We take the same care of your information as we do your health. We are always looking at ways to improve our website, and use a range of tools that help us to make sure that it meets your needs. Any personal information you give us will remain confidential and will be held in accordance with data protection law (Data Protection Act 2018 and EU General Data Protection Regulation).

This notice explains how this website uses information. If you would like to find out more about how the Trust uses other personal information about you, please click here for our Privacy Notice.

Cookies used by this website

Cookies are small text files used by web technologies that allow information to be stored. Generally cookies are used to identify a returning user (i.e. a persistent shopping cart). You can find out more about cookies on as well as learn how the cookies used on this website affect you and find out how to disable cookies used on this website.

This website uses cookies to measure the performance of the website and it’s advertising. The information collected is anonymous and is used only by St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to drive improvements on the website. When you enable sharing on St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s website a cookie is set up to save your choice. When sharing is enabled the social media buttons set up cookies on your computer; these enable you to share the content of the page without needing to login again to any networks you may be logged into.

These cookies are used by the social network across multiple sites that contain the social network’s sharing tools and the information is stored on their servers. A full list of cookies used is available on the AddThis website. The Scribd and Youtube players found on this website also use cookies to help measure how many times each player has been used. The information gathered by these third party players is anonymous but is stored outside of St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s control.

We provide alternative ways for visitors to view the content provided by these players; these are listed immediately below the player.

Cookie name
More information


_umta, _umtb, _umtc, _umtz
Google analytics
These cookies are used by Google Analytics to track visitors as they navigate the website. All information is anonymous and visitor IP addresses aren’t collected.


Google Adsense
This cookie is used by the adverts running on the website to track the number of times that visitors see that particular advert. All information is anonymous and visitor IP address aren’t collected. You can find more information on this cookie on Fendix Media’s website.


Quantcast cookies
Scribd player
These cookies are used by the Scribd player to gather information on users using it’s services.


Social media sharing box
This cookie determines if the visitor has enabled social media sharing


AddThis Buttons
These cookies are used by AddThis and it’s assorted social networks to see if a visitor is signed in already to their accounts on the relevant network


Cookie Control
This cookie sets if you have disabled the popup box explaining about cookies

What this means for you?

On visiting St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s website Google Analytics and Google Adsense cookies are set up and accessed on your computer.

These cookies are used to anonymously track your journey through our website and to register the number of times you have seen one of the adverts on our pages. This data is not associated with your IP address nor with any user identifiable information. When you press the play button on our Youtube and Scribd embedded players the service provider sets up cookies so they can track how many times you have viewed the content inside the player.

The players will not put any cookies on your computer if you don’t press the play button and use the alternate links provided. When you enable sharing tools on St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s website a cookie is set up on your computer that tells the website that you’ve enabled sharing. We do this because when you enable sharing the sharing tools will automatically access cookies already set up on your computer by the social networks you belong to.

These cookies are used to see if you are already logged on to the social network and make it easier for you to share. By default sharing is disabled to prevent these tools from accessing your information if you don’t want them to.

Opting out and removing cookies

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust understands that visitors to its website may not wish to be tracked when they navigate through the site. You can use the following methods to opt-out of cookies being placed on your computer.

Cookie / Service
Way to opt out
Google Adsense
Quantcast / ScribD

You can find information on removing cookies on where you’ll find a detailed guide for your browser. In most browsers if you search for cookies in the domain it will display all the cookies we use on this website.

Submitting your personal information on forms

This website also contains forms that require personal information. When these forms are submitted they send this data to a script to be processed securely and that processed data is then sent to a specified email address within the trust.

We never share your data with other parties and you can expect the same confidentiality as you would if sharing this information with us in person. When you access a page containing a form on this website you will automatically be redirected to a secure version of the page (using the https:// protocol).

Your browser will inform you via the means illustrated below if the page is secure, if you visit a page with a form that doesn’t display as secure please check that you are browsing via the https:// protocol. All of the pages on this website are browsable over this secure protocol.

If you have any issues browsing our website securely we are happy to provide advice. In these circumstances please email for support.

Secure browser indication examples

Further information and help

For more information on cookies and Google Analytics read the links below:

If you would like to know more about the technology used by St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on its website then please email