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Our Service

Welcome to St George’s Maternity Unit. We look forward to caring for you and your baby during your pregnancy, birth and afterwards.  We continue to work hard to keep you, your baby and our staff safe during the Covid-19 outbreak. (Latest updates below)

If you are pregnant and would like to have your baby at St Georges, please complete the booking form by following this link. You can use this form to self-refer before you see your GP.  A midwife will contact you to arrange a telephone booking appointment.

You can find lots of useful information and resources about your pregnancy, labour and beyond here.

A list of useful contact numbers for the Maternity Unit are available here

We have an active Twitter account with regular updates on our service as well as useful videos, information and pictures. Be sure to follow us here!

Make sure to ask your Midwife if the Team you are under has an Instagram account or another way to stay informed.

Maternity Unit Tour

We have created this maternity tour video to show you the unit, how to get there and what to expect. We hope this is helpful for you.

What women say about our services

“Whilst I was very scared and extremely worried about giving birth again, the midwife who I had throughout the whole labour, was amazing……As a result, I had no blood loss. I had no tears, I was able to bond with my baby straight away and breast feed well. I recovered from labour in no time, due to her professionalism.”

“I want to reassure you that your staff are doing a fantastic job despite the huge demands placed on them.”

“My husband and I will be forever grateful to the individuals involved and the NHS for the extremely high level of care provided”

More feedback from women can be found on NHS Choices.

What CQC says about our maternity service

maternity cqc

The maternity service was rated as Good overall and Outstanding for Effective by the CQC in the report in November 2016.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

Online Q&A Sessions with Consultant Midwife / Matron

Free online Q&A sessions for questions about the covid-19 vaccine when pregnant

All pregnant women aged 18 or over are now being offered Covid-19 vaccinations.  A walk in vaccination service is available at St George’s Hospital Covid Vaccination clinic (Atkinson Morley Wing), Thursday -Sunday, 9am to 5pm.

The decision to take up the offer of a vaccination is personal, and based on a balance of risk.  You can discuss this decision with your midwife or GP.  Further information to help inform your decision can be found  here

Please email our Consultant Midwife for Public Health, Chelone Lee-Wo for further information at chelone.leewo@stgeorges.nhs.uk  or text her on 07884 086523.

Covid-19 Vaccination Info for Pregnancy

Important information – please have your Covid-19 jab if you’re pregnant.

Please look at this leaflet which gives important information about Covid Testing that must be done by you and your birth partner prior to hospital appointments and admission.  Covid Testing Infographic July 2021

Home lateral flow tests can be ordered here or can be collected from local pharmacies or test sites.  PCR home tests can be ordered here.

Further information about why we are asking you and your  partners to take these tests can be found here .

Please ask your birth partner(s) to provide their full legal name and to bring their NHS number or St George’s hospital number to minimise delays.  You can find your NHS number here.

To learn more, view the following guides below:


Visiting Arrangements 

Antenatal Appointments and Scans

You can bring one person to antenatal appointments or ultrasound scans. Due to social distancing, partners may be asked to wait outside until called for the appointment. This varies depending on the location of the clinic.

Please do not attend the hospital / clinic if you are unwell. Please call delivery suite for advice on 020 8767 4654.  If your partner is unwell we kindly request that they stay at home until they feel better, they should register for a PCR test.

Antenatal Ward

If you are admitted to the antenatal ward in pregnancy, one birth partner can be with you on the ward from 08:00-22:00.

Giving Birth

You can have one birth partner at a time with you when admitted to a shared bay on the Antenatal Ward or Delivery Suite in early labour or for induction of labour.  This person may swap with a designated second birth partner, but both cannot be with you at the same time until you are transferred to a single room.

Two birth partners can be with you when you when you are admitted in active labour to a single room on the Delivery Suite or Carmen Birth Centre.

Postnatal Ward

One birth partner can stay with you on the postnatal ward to help care for you and your baby all day and night (24hrs). However, we ask that birth partners arrive by 10pm if they are staying overnight.  For security reasons we cannot permit any entry to the ward between 10pm and 8am unless your baby is born during this time.

Your second birth partner can also swap in and care for you during your admission, but only one person can be with you on the ward at any time.

No other social visiting is allowed and no children are allowed onto the wards.

Face Masks 

Face masks must be worn at all times in the hospital, by you and your birth partners. Women in labour do not need to wear a face mask and they can be removed when you are feeding your baby.