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Welcome to St George’s Maternity Unit. We look forward to caring for you and your baby during your pregnancy, birth and afterwards.  We continue to work hard to keep you, your baby and our staff safe during the Covid-19 outbreak.

You can find lots of useful information and resources about your pregnancy, labour and beyond here.

We’ve created this maternity tour video to show you the unit, how to get there and what to expect. We hope this is helpful for you.

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Thanks to James Newton for creating this film.

Visitors to our maternity unit during Covid-19 (Coronavirus) UPDATE!

From Monday 17 August 2020, partners will be allowed to attend Ultrasound Scans at St George’s.

Please be aware of the following measures when attending:

  • All patients and visitors will be required to wear a mask when attending the unit
  • Only ONE person per patient
  • No children will be permitted on the unit
  • Once the patient has checked in at the FMU reception area, the one accompanying person will have to wait by the lift area/corridors near the unit (marked to reduce crowding at the lift) until the patient is called by the sonographer
  • Everyone should use alcohol gel on entry to the unit and to the room
  • Maintain social distancing at all times.

Thank you for your continuing understanding and patience.

We are constantly reviewing our visitor policy to ensure that our advice is based on the best possible evidence. Following our most recent risk assessment by our senior midwives and doctors, we have agreed to update our visitor policy as follows:

We are pleased to report that one visiting birth partner is allowed on to the postnatal and delivery suite areas, as well as the birth centre. From 10-6pm one birth partner can accompany their partner on the ward areas. During labour, this birth partner can be present at all times. The birth partner will need to sign in upon arrival and answer a questionnaire. This birth partner should not have any symptoms of COVID-19.

If your partner is in isolation due to contact with a covid positive person, even if asymptomatic, they cannot attend our unit. Partners/carers must wear a face covering for the duration of time spent within the hospital and remain at the bedside during their stay.

TOP TIP… try your best to shield with your birth partner for 2 weeks before your due date.

  • Women requiring a planned or emergency Caesarean section, or an instrumental delivery in theatre, may be accompanied by their birth partner in the theatre. In theatre recovery, the partner can stay with mum and baby.
  • The home birth service is running as normal.
  • The water birth service is back to normal for asymptomatic women.
  • Women must attend antenatal clinics alone, and unfortunately partners cannot use the waiting areas.
  • Translation and special needs services for women are available by phone.

Support staff who need to physically accompany the mothers in hospital – for example, translators and sign language providers – will still be allowed, as will other essential support, but each case will be assessed on the individual’s needs.

Women who come into hospital are reminded to bring everything that they and their baby will need for their entire stay, including after the birth. Birth partners will also need to bring food and drinks for themselves as they cannot come and go during the labour.

Women will always have a midwife with them in labour and we encourage women to speak to their midwife with any questions or concerns about their pregnancy or birth. Our aim is to ensure that you can have a very positive birth experience with our dedicated staff during this pandemic. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Please contact our Public Health Consultant Midwife –  Chelone.LeeWo@stgeorges.nhs.uk for any Covid-19 (Coronavirus) questions.

Thank you for your understanding during this pandemic.

Our Midwives in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

A message from our Director of Midwifery to all our pregnant women:

These are some pictures of one of our lovely Midwives in her personal protection equipment (PPE).  We wanted to show you these pictures so that you know what your midwife might look like in PPE. This equipment is used to protect you, your baby and ourselves against Covid-19.  This personal protective equipment is very rarely used but you may see it if you need to go to theatre.








Welcome to St George’s Maternity Services.

St George’s is one of the safest hospitals in the country in which to have your baby.  With the help of St George’s staff, women give birth to almost 5000 babies a year at home, in the midwifery led unit and in our Delivery Suite. Our skilled team of kind and caring clinicians work together to help women have a positive pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience; whatever the setting.

Book your birth with St Georges

If you are pregnant and would like to have your baby at St Georges, please complete the booking form by following this link. You can use this form to self-refer before you see your GP.  A midwife will contact you to arrange a telephone booking appointment.

What women say about our services

“Whilst I was very scared and extremely worried about giving birth again, the midwife who I had throughout the whole labour, was amazing……As a result, I had no blood loss. I had no tears, I was able to bond with my baby straight away and breast feed well. I recovered from labour in no time, due to her professionalism.”

“I want to reassure you that your staff are doing a fantastic job despite the huge demands placed on them.”

“My husband and I will be forever grateful to the individuals involved and the NHS for the extremely high level of care provided”





More feedback from women can be found on NHS Choices.

What CQC says about our maternity service

maternity cqc

The maternity service was rated as Good overall and Outstanding for Effective by the CQC in the report in November 2016.