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When your labour starts please contact the Delivery Suite direct on 0208 767 4654 if you plan to have your baby on the Delivery Suite; you will be asked a few simple questions and advised to attend.

If you plan to have your baby on the Carmen Suite please contact the Carmen Suite direct on 0208 725 2039; a midwife will ask you some questions and advise if you should attend the hospital.

Planned birth

If you are having your labour induced or a planned caesarean section you will be advised to attend on the time, date and location that you need to attend when you see your midwife or doctor.

Please ensure that you bring your handheld maternity notes (booklet) with you when you attend the hospital or are being seen in relation to your pregnancy.

Access to Maternity Unit

It is important that you call in advance of your arrival, this will allow staff to prepare (Direct Line 0208 767 4654).

During the hours of 7am – 9pm the maternity unit can be accessed via Lanesborough wing. After 9pm the maternity service can be accessed via the main entrance (Grosvenor Wing)

In an emergency the doors to Lanesborough wing can be release remotely by onsite security. All entry points within the maternity unit locked and access is controlled by staff, this is to ensure the safety of mothers and their babies.