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Saying thank you

We hope that your experience at St George’s is good.  We love to hear your feedback – in person, by email or by letter.  Any compliments we receive are sent onto the staff or area they are about, and they are always celebrated, including on our official Twitter account, which can be found here!

Some people like to give small gifts to the staff to express their thanks, and these are also welcome.  Another way to say thank you is by making a donation to the Maternity section of the hospital charity.  Any money we receive this way is used to improve things for women using the unit and for staff.

If things go wrong

We realise that things don’t always go right and that at times we may fail to meet your expectations.  We always value the chance to learn from these situations and to say sorry when things went wrong.  If you have any concerns about any aspect of your care, please contact us by email, phone PALS on 020 8725 2453 or write to Janet Bradley the Director of Midwifery.

If your birth experience has involved medical complications you can talk to a doctor on the ward before you are discharged- please do not hesitate to ask. When you get home you can talk through any issues or questions with your community midwife. Later on, if you feel you still have questions the Professional Midwifery Advocates may be able to help or they can book an appointment for you in the Postnatal Clinic led by a Consultant, to answer questions and/or discuss your experiences further.

Maternal and Infant Research

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