Medical Education and Supervison

Education and Supervision Role Definitions:

Named Clinical Supervisor

A named clinical supervisor is a trainer who is responsible for overseeing a specific doctor in training’s clinical work throughout a placement in a clinical environment and is appropriately trained to do so.

The named clinical supervisor leads on providing a review of the doctor in training’s clinical or medical practice throughout the placement and contributes to the educational supervisor’s report on whether the doctor should progress to the next stage of their training.

Named Educational Supervisor

A named educational supervisor is a trainer who is selected and appropriately trained to be responsible for the overall supervision and management of a specific doctor’s educational progress during a placement, or series of placements. The named educational supervisor regularly meets with the doctor in training to help plan their training, review progress and achieve learning outcomes.

The named educational supervisor is responsible for the educational agreement and for bringing together all relevant evidence to form a summative judgement about the doctor’s progression at the end of a placement, or a series of placements.


Guidance for completing the Medical Educator section on L2P appraisal system:

Medical Educator guidance for appraisal