Dr Elwina Timehin
Consultant Audiovestibular Physician

I am the Tutor for all Specialty and Specialist (SAS) doctors and dentists and Locally Employed Doctors (LEDs) including International Medical Graduates (IMGs) in the Trust.

I provide support and guidance for this group of doctors.

For the SAS doctors and dentists, we are working on facilitating the development of career pathways and implementing the SAS Charter in the Trust:

Continuous professional development is essential for all doctors in order to re-validate and remain on their professional registers. Staff are encouraged to and can access internal courses such as leadership development programmes.  Additionally, St George’s SAS Tutor holds a small fund for SAS doctors undertaking development and training courses for CESR/Portfolio pathways. SAS doctors are invited to apply for a special funding contribution to these course fees using the Medical (SAS) Continued Professional Development Application Form

For the LEDs we are working on enhancing working experience and supporting career development with a view to improving staff recruitment and retention.

We have an excellent IMG program which includes, Enhanced Induction, Mentoring scheme, IMG Welcome Kit and IMG forum:


To support and facilitate career development, PGME provides access to a number of courses suitable for SAS, LED & IMG doctors.

Please follow the link below to access these courses:

Career development:

To help facilitate career development, it is important that you engage in the appraisal and job planning process. If your appraisal is overdue, please discuss this with your educational supervisor or contact Nicola McDonald (Revalidation Support Officer): Nicola.McDonald@stgeorges.nhs.uk

Health & Wellbeing:

During periods of stress or illness it is not always clear that there are sources of support available to doctors. Please follow the link to access these:

Please feel to contact me by email if you have any concerns or difficulties: SASLEDIMGtutor@stgeorges.nhs.uk

Queries about contracts: