Guardian of Safe Working

Our Guardian of Safe Working ensures Doctors in Training work hours which are safe.

You can contact the Guardian by e-mail on

A guide to exception reporting for doctors in training working at St Georges and in GP practices across South London is below:

How to exception report guide

A guide for supervisors in these settings is also available below:

How to respond to exception reports

NOTE: Doctors in training employed by the GP LEO but working in other host trusts or organisations should contact their HOST TRUST’S medical staffing department for information (including log-ins) for exception reporting

A copy of ‘The Guardian.SW’ Newsletter has been sent out regularly since September 2016 to all GP trainers across South London and Consultants employed by St George’s.  Copies are also sent to GP trainees across South London and Specialty trainees employed by St George’s.  Previous editions of the Guardian can be found here.

Previous Guardian of Safe Working reports can be accessed here – Password protected