Our Wards

Allingham Ward provides a specialist service to patients with a range of gastroenterology conditions, including luminal gastroenterology, hepatology and hepatobiliary and pancreatic disease. The department of Gastroenterology offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic procedures and specialist clinics and you will have the opportunity to shadow specialist nurses supporting the area including the viral hepatitis CNS, alcohol liaison nurses and nutrition nurses.

Amyand AMU is a 32 bedded ward ward providing care for patients with a variety of acute medical conditions requiring short term care.  Most of our patients are admitted from Accident and Emergency and the Acute Medical Unit.

Caesar Hawkins is a 23 bed acute respiratory ward caring for level 1 and 2 patients with centralised monitoring. Nurses will gain experience in caring for patients with non-invasive ventilation, CPAP, Optiflow and Tracheostomies.

Cavell is a 28 bedded ward providing care for patients with a variety of acute medical conditions.

Dalby is a 22 bedded newly refurbished ward specialising in older patients requiring acute medical admission. Designed for the older person, it has ensuite 3 bedded bays and side rooms.

Major Trauma Ward,  formerly known as Holdsworth. St George’s is a designated Major Trauma Centre for the Southwest London and Surrey Major Trauma Network, and the new ward will provide a designated specialist area for our major trauma patients to receive the expert multidisciplinary care they need to get them on the road to recovery.

Marnham ASHU is a 28 bedded ward specialising in short term admission for acute senior health patients with a average length of stay of 10 days or less.  The ward also accommodates Rheumatology and Lymphodema patients.

Mary Seacole is a 42 bedded ward specialising in Senior Health / Rehabilitation. Based at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Roehampton – a newly built community hospital offering state of the art rehabilitation services.

Rodney Smith is a 28 bedded general medical ward specialising in diabetes and endocrine disorders. We work closely with the Vascular Team, Diabetic Foot Clinic and Diabetic Specialist Nurses.  We nurse patients when surgical intervention is required so you will gain some exposure to pre and post-surgical care. We also take step down patients from ITU.

McEntee ward is an 18 bedded purpose built infectious diseases unit that specialises in the care of patients with transmissible diseases including the management of patients with HIV/AIDS, TB and imported infections such as Malaria. You will gain experience in caring for patients with complex needs who can be acutely unwell.

Richmond is a 51 bedded Acute Medical unit incorporating an 15 bedded Acute Dependency Unit with 5 Level 2 beds; and a Consultant Led Ambulatory Assessment Unit/Clinic area. Caring for patients with acute medical conditions and those requiring high dependency nursing care in a fast turnover environment. To see our new ambulatory care area, click on the video below.

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