The AMU/AAA team: Acute Medicine Awareness day

The AMU/AAA team: Acute Medicine Awareness day

Acute medicine is the specialty concerned with the diagnosis, management and non-surgical treatment of unusual or serious disease.  Almost all acute medical inpatients at St George’s Hospital are admitted through the Richmond Acute Medical Unit (Richmond AMU).  Patients present either through direct referral from our Emergency Department, or from their General Practitioner (GP).  Patients spend the first 24 – 48 hours of their inpatient stay on the AMU whilst their clinical condition is stabilised and urgent investigations and procedures are coordinated – following which they are either discharged to recuperate at home or transferred to another speciality medical ward for further inpatient care.

The Richmond AMU is based on the ground floor of St James Wing.  The specialty wards that we work most closely with include Allingham (gastroenterology), Amyand (acute senior health unit – ASHU), Marnham (respiratory), and Rodney Smith (diabetes, endocrinology and hypertension) wards, (3rd floor of St James Wing) – and Caesar Hawkins ward (4th floor of Lanesborough Wing).  Each ward is staffed by dedicated multidisciplinary teams, serving primarily the local residents of Wandsworth, Merton and Lambeth.

The AMU has 58 inpatient beds, through which between 30-50 patients are admitted in each 24 hour period.  The unit is extremely busy as the vast majority of inpatient investigations are organised. Discharge coordination commences from the time of admission, through the engagement of our Social, Therapies and Rehabilitation (STAR) team.  To visitors, it can often appear hectic – but through carefully coordinated team-working and mutual respect, we manage to maintain a constant flow of patients through the hospital and back home where possible.  Every member of our team plays an important role in keeping our AMU working.

The Richmond AMU is divided into:

  • Ambulatory Assessment Area (AAA) – hosts all clinics associated with the AMU(Acute Medical Clinic (AMC), Cellulitis & DVT clinics, Diabetes Pitstop clinic, Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) clinic and Frequent Attenders clinic).
  • Acute Dependency Unit (ADU) – an 8-bedded (including 2 siderooms) inpatient area providing higher-dependency care for patients who are very unwell.
  • Richmond Main ward – 5 single-sex bays A-E, each with 5 beds and 2 siderooms – 35 beds total
  • Richmond Annexe –  2 bays F-G, 5 siderooms – 15 beds total

You will be looked after by a multidisciplinary team of nurses, therapists and doctors who are highly experienced in caring for patients with acute medical conditions.

Children are allowed to visit the ward dependent on age and condition of patient, please contact the Matron or Ward Manager before visiting with young children.

Richmond AMU Contact numbers

Main ward reception: 020 8725 3143 

Patient flow coordinator: 020 8725 1148

Extension  numbers:

Main ward nurses station: 3143 / 3299 / 3461

ADU:  M-4294 | F- 4295

A Bay: 4308

B Bay: 4303

C Bay: 4306

D Bay: 4307

E Bay: 4297

Annexe (F&G Bays):  6080 / 6082 / 6083

AMU Virtual Clinic

Outstanding results following a patient admission to the Richmond AMU may be followed up in the innovative AMU Virtual Clinic, which is consultant-led and supported by a specialist registrar.  We strive to ensure a timely response to patient results – without the need for patients to attend an outpatient appointment.  A letter documenting the outcome of the virtual clinic is sent to both the GP and patient as a standard.

This clinic runs twice-weekly from 09.00-12.30 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Enquiries regarding the AMU virtual clinic (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) may be made through our AMU Secretaries, on 0208 266 6092

AMU Secretaries Contact details

Phone: 0208 266 6092

Fax: 020 8725 0341

Key Staff

 Consultant Clinicians

Social Therapies & Rehabilitation (STAR) Team lead

Lead Ward Clerk

  • Sarah-Jane Farrelly

AMU Secretaries

  • Sarah Goodby
  • Rebeccah Annoh

Ward links

AAA/Richmond AMU Location, Ground Floor, St James' Wing,

AAA/Richmond AMU Location, Ground Floor, St James’ Wing,