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Virtual Classes hosted by St George’s University Hospital

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, our team have created virtual rehabilitation programmes for you to follow at home, to replace or supplement the classes we usually hold in the department.

Please note: If your symptoms are likely to worsen following 10-20 minutes of exercise, we suggest that you wait to speak to your physiotherapist before attempting any of the below programmes.

ESCAPE Pain for Backs 

This award-winning programme is designed for anyone looking to manage their back pain. It consists of 12 sessions, to be performed over 6 weeks. Each session guides you through a research-backed exercise programme, as well as an education component. Start today!

ESCAPE Pain for Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis

This award-winning programme, designed by the NHS, is for anyone looking to manage symptoms of hip or knee osteoarthritis. Every week, for 12 weeks, you should complete two exercise sessions and watch one education video. You can access the programme using a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Simply click the above link, create an account and follow the on screen instructions to start!

ACL Rehabilitation

This programme is designed for the conservative i.e. non-operative management of an ACL injury, as well as those following ACL reconstruction surgery. The above link is designed to guide you from the early, intermediate and advanced stage of your rehab (according to how many weeks you are post-injury/surgery) including a useful FAQ video.

Fitness for function

This programme is designed for anyone looking for general strength and conditioning to help manage their pain and reach your goals. This programme consists of six sessions. Please watch one education video in the above link, and complete any of these exercises you can 1-3 times per week.

Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain Class

This programme is designed for anyone experiencing shoulder pain contributed by the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder. Every week, for 8 weeks, you should watch one education video and complete the exercise video 2-3 times.

Persistent Pain Management

This channel has been produced by our pain management team here at St Georges University Hospital. It consists of helpful education videos, relaxation techniques as well as gentle exercises you can do at home to help you reach your goals.