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Therapy Services at St George’s Hospital are based around an integrated focus with multi-professional teams designed around patient care groups. Qualified therapists range from juniors and seniors through to advanced clinical specialists and consultant practitioners who operate at a higher level within particular specialties, for example, running clinics. Juniors are newly qualified therapists who rotate through a number of clinical specialties to gain a broad general experience for up to approximately two years before progressing onto a more senior role. We also have a growing workforce of assistant practitioners known as therapy technicians and an integrated administration team. The service treats patients as inpatients and outpatients, or in their own homes. In all cases, the therapy teams aim to ensure that there is a smooth and comprehensive handover to any ongoing community services that the patient may require at the end of their hospital care. Therapists, with the consent of the patient, also aim to ensure that they communicate with family and carers as appropriate throughout the patient’s treatment programme. While a large proportion of the therapy services are based at St George’s Hospital, we also provide outpatient services in satellite clinics at GP practices and St John’s Therapy Centre in Battersea. The Neurorehabilitaiton service, provides rehabilitation for patients with neurological conditions such as head injury and stroke. This specialist rehabilitation team comprising therapists, nurses, doctors, and clinical psychologists is managed by a clinical services manager who has a therapy background.