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Updated 20/03/2023 – COVID-19: Patients and staff members are no longer requested to wear masks for their appointments at St. George’s Hospital Trust.

In accordance to the St. George’s Trust Policy, we are operating a normal service and no longer required to wear masks. However, your therapist will wear a mask at your request or if you are considered high risk. We are continuing to offer face-to-face or virtual appointments. All initial appointments will be booked as face-to-face unless you are suitable for our virtual clinic. Following this, and if you require follow up, your physiotherapist will discuss if you need a face-to face appointment or another virtual appointment. Please see the contact us section of our website for further information on how to reschedule your appointment.

You will receive a text reminder and/or letter with your appointment details. Whilst we aim to contact you at the specified time, this cannot always be guaranteed and in some circumstances this may be up to one hour later. If you are no longer free to speak to the physiotherapist at the later time, please let the physiotherapist know and they will reschedule your appointment to a more convenient time.  We aim to keep these instances to a minimum. The call will be from a withheld number.

What if I am unable to attend my appointment?

Please let us know at least 24 hours before your appointment.

You can reschedule your appointment in the following ways:

  • Telephone via central booking on 0208 725 0007
  • Via the Trust website here
  • Using the prompts in the relevant text message

Whilst you are unable to attend your appointment, you can start your assessment and treatment using the The getUbetter app. It is designed to help you manage your condition and guide your recovery day-by-day. It offers you a symptom checker, management advice as well as video exercises.

If you do not come to your appointment and have not contacted us, we may discharge you back to your referring doctor.

We are doing everything we can to support GPs and your patients during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Prior to any referral, we would strongly advise that GPs direct patients to the patient resources section of our website for advice how to manage their condition. For specific advice regarding individual patients you can use the Kinesis portal.

Please refer to the referral information section of our website for information on how to refer.

Please visit the main trust coronavirus (COVID-19) page for more information.