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Updated 20/03/2023 – COVID-19: Patients and staff members are no longer requested to wear masks for their appointments at St. George’s Hospital Trust.

We launched our new pathway for Inpatient to Outpatient rehabilitation in August 2019.  The idea behind this new pathway was for patients who suffered major/complex trauma and were treated as inpatients on our trauma wards to transfer to outpatient physiotherapy with ease. Our Musculoskeletal Outpatient Department facilitate this by having continuity of care with the same therapist seen in the Inpatient ward in St. George’s Outpatient Department or directly booking you into our additional Outpatient Services at St John’s Therapy Centre in Clapham Junction or Queen Mary’s Hospital in Roehampton.  Your goal driven rehabilitation journey will be facilitated by a Senior Physiotherapist working at these sites with expert experience in major trauma/ complex musculoskeletal conditions.  Our teams’ value and respect that high quality specialised care is vital to aid in your recovery.

Initial Appointment

Our Outpatient Major Trauma Team strive to meet the excellent standards that you should receive by booking your outpatient appointment within 2 weeks of discharge from the inpatient wards. If this has not occurred, please contact our central booking number on 0208 725 0007.  On arrival to your appointment, your Physiotherapist will have your history and your rehabilitation prescription, and will complete a comprehensive initial assessment. This will include completion of some questionnaires to assess the impact of your injuries on your quality of life, both physically and mentally, and will also set specific goals for both short and long-term benefits.

Throughout your rehabilitation and working towards your goals, you will attend Physiotherapy regularly. This will include one-to-one sessions with either your Physiotherapist or our Rehabilitation Technician for strengthening in the gym, education on your rehabilitation and pain management advice, advice on other services you can access to aid in your recovery, and liaison with the Multidisciplinary Team.  You will also be provided with an individualised exercise programme which we will ask you to carry out at home to help work towards your short and long-term goals.

Major Trauma Rehabilitation Class

You may also attend our Major Trauma Rehabilitation class, launched in October 2020, which includes patient specific exercises with educational sessions applicable to daily life, and group discussions with others who have suffered from a major trauma. The class is run by our Specialised Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation Technician. The main goal of the class is to encourage patients to communicate struggles, experiences, and positive stories to help the individual in their recovery.   Our experienced Trauma Psychologist also attends the class weekly, and you have the opportunity to speak to them about any personal concerns.

Please read our educational/resource booklet which compliments the class and your rehabilitation rehabilitation journey.

Our experienced Major Trauma Outpatient Physiotherapy Team strive to provide an excellent service to help you through your journey to recovery and are passionate about you achieving your goals.   We are always looking at ways of improving your care and experiences.  Please speak to the Team about any concerns or suggestions you may have, or if you would like to volunteer to help us in aiding rehabilitation within our complex/major musculoskeletal trauma pathway.

You can also click on the links below for poster presentation of work we have done so far and videos from past patients who have been through our major trauma pathway.

Patient Stories