Change your Appointment

You can use this form to change your appointment date and time, cancel your appointment or update your details. Please tick the boxes below that apply and the appropriate form will appear below.

  • If your appointment is within the next 24 hours, please call us on 020 8725 0007.
  • If your appointment is with the Moorfields Eye Clinic here and you need to cancel or re-arrange, click here or phone 020 8266 6334.
  • If your appointment is for an X-ray or another type of scan (with our Diagnostics and Imaging department), please call 020 8725 3037 or 020 8725 0073.
  • If you cannot make your Inpatients hospital admission date, or have any  queries about your admission, please click here
  • If you have booked patient transport please call the team to cancel on 020 8725 0808

* Questions with an asterisk are mandatory – you will not be able to submit this form without completing these fields.

Please help us improve our services and reduce missed appointments

We are working hard to improve Outpatients services. When patients miss an appointment without telling us, it costs the NHS time and money, and it means another patient misses out. That’s why we ask people to let us know as soon as possible if they need to cancel an appointment. We also want to know more about the reasons for missed appointments so we can improve how we do things and make it easier to cancel or re-arrange appointments. Please help us by completing this short survey.