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Wandsworth MSK Community Day

Wandsworth Physiotherapy Community Engagement Day

If you are visiting this page, you have received a letter from us recently inviting you to our first MSK Community engagement day.
We contacted you because you have been referred for physiotherapy and you are on our wait list.
We know that most muscle and joint issues can get better with the right advice for you to self-manage. Our aim is to give you this information sooner and get you started on your road to recovery.

You will also have an opportunity to speak to representatives from community groups who might be able to assist you with a range of other issues, including:

• Physical fitness
• Mental wellbeing
• Persistent pain
• Loneliness and isolation

All MSK Community Days are completely optional, and you will not lose your place on the physiotherapy waiting list if you do not attend one of them.

Where is it?
Transformation house, 66 St John’s Hill, London SW11 1AD

The venue is a 5-minute walk from Clapham Junction train station. There are also bus stops right outside that provide excellent links to all other areas of Wandsworth.

Coming by bus:
There are a variety of buses which can bring you to the Transformation house:

Coming by train:
Clapham Junction station is approximately a 5 minute walk away. For further help on how to travel to the Transformation house please contact Transport for London on 0207 222 1234

Car parking:
There will be pay and display parking which you can use in the surrounding area via your phone/ringo app. Please head to the Wandsworth council website https://www.wandsworth.gov.uk search for “Parking Zones” then choose “Find Parking Zones”. This will show you the pay and display costs & maximum stays in the selected streets. Additional parking may be available in local shopping areas although these may have local restrictions.

How can I attend?
If you are on a physiotherapy waiting list you may have been invited, if so, please contact the physiotherapy department (indicated on the text message) to book a time slot.
You can also contactmskphysioenquiries@stgeorges.nhs.uk Tel: 02087254621. Please also use these contact methods if you need to book a translator/interpreter.

What to expect on the day?
Firstly, you will meet a physiotherapist to discuss what matters to you and what you would like to achieve through attending today. Following this conversation, you will have an opportunity to explore the best management strategy for your needs. Depending on the outcome of your conversation, you may be offered a more in-depth assessment, or have to opportunity to engage with Physios to get rehabilitation and exercise advice in ‘Activity corner.’ In the ‘Community centre’, you will have the opportunity to meet the following community groups:

Age UK
Vs Arthritis
Enable Leisure (exercise in the community)
Wandsworth Healthwatch
Thinkingworks (Energy and Finance)
Diet and Nutrition services
Get U Better team

What happens when you leave?
You will meet a Physiotherapist to discuss the outcome of your appointment and make a joint decision on one of the following options:

1. You feel happy that you will be able to self-manage your condition with the advice and information you have been given and you feel that you do not need a physiotherapy appointment.
2. You will self-manage your condition and have been given contact details to arrange a follow up appointment if you feel you need this in the future.
3. You would benefit from a follow up 1:1 Physiotherapy appointment and this will be arranged for you.
4. You’ll get to keep a copy of everything you’ve spoken about in your unique ‘Passport’.