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Updated 20/03/2023 – COVID-19: Patients and staff members are no longer requested to wear masks for their appointments at St. George’s Hospital Trust.


If you are a patient looking to get referred, then please request this from your GP, First Contact Practitioner (FCP) or relevant hospital team, who can arrange a referral. We also accept self-referrals via the getUBetter app if you are finding it difficult to manage your condition independently.


If you are a Wandsworth GP looking to refer into our service, please complete a referral via ERS to our Single Point of Access. We no longer accept paper referrals or e-mails.

Internal Referrals from St. George’s Hospital Trust

If you are referring from within St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, then please refer via the electronic internal referral form on power chart. We no longer accept uploaded paper referrals. Please see guidance on how to complete the electronic internal referral here.

Community MSK Physiotherapy Clinics

We are currently working with a private healthcare provider called VITA Health who are providing physiotherapy clinics in various locations across Wandsworth. The referral process is the same but you may be asked (by your GP or via the getUBetter app) which provider and location you would prefer to have your physiotherapy sessions with.

Additional Referrals

If you require any other referral forms for additional services, please click here.