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St George’s Obstetric  Royal College of Anaesthetists ACSA accredited Anaesthetic Service is an innovative, energetic group of anaesthetists responding to the needs of a wide range of women and their needs during childbirth. 

We offer both epidural, combined spinal epidural and remifentanil PCA analgesia in labour with  24h resident anaesthetic registrar cover and we have had a dedicated Consultant Obstetric Anaesthetist on call rota since 2016. This allows us to respond to the needs of mothers to meet national audit standards

Lead Consultant Anaesthetist: Dr Christina Wood

Contact: 0208 725 3317

What we do:

A round-the-clock emergency service with a dedicated resident and Consultant Obstetric Anaesthetist on call

A planned Caesarean section service on weekdays as part of a dedicated operating list Monday – Friday

High Risk Obstetric Anaesthetic Clinic for mothers with complex pregnancies which is closely linked to the highly regarded Fetal Medicine Unit

We also run a and have recently developed a Postnatal Follow Up Clinic service

4919 women had their babies at St George’s in 2017. Around 31% of women received epidural analgesia with a dural puncture rate of 0.04% which is below the National standard for complications.

marchapril-feedback-16Over 93% of requests for epidural analgesia were attended to within 30 minutes and 98% within 1 hour. At follow up, 97% of women seen found their epidural analgesia satisfactory / excellent and 98% would have epidural analgesia again.

View the feedback for our service since we started collecting comments from families in 2014. In addition isn 2017 these were the responses to these questions:

How good was your Anaesthetist at :

Being polite 98.2% very good, 1.8% good

Making you feel at ease 97.5% very good, 2.5% good

Listening to you 97.8% very good, 2.2% good

Explaining your treatment 96.4% very good, 3.6%good

Providing your treatment 98.5% very good, 1.5% good

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