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We’re a group of St George’s staff who want to improve the experience of mothers in our maternity department. We’ve been given funding for a project called “New Beginnings” to bring mothers and staff together to make positive changes to the experience of having a baby in an operating theatre.

We have worked over the last year to identify what matters to you about preparing for birth in theatre, identifying where there were gaps in information and feeling involved and  we are now supporting staff to make changes to help us deliver the care that matters to you. 

Co design areas in progress are ‘Personalising the theatre process’ And ‘Improving Antenatal Information about operative birth’ so watch out for new updates and webpages. This project is:

  • Making permanent change to how mothers and staff work together
  • Make the operating theatre a kinder, friendlier and more caring place to have a baby
  • Bringing families into the heart of maternity care at St George’s

To find out more about how you could take part in this exciting new project please get in touch with us by emailing: New.Beginnings@stgeorges.nhs.uk

You can also follow the progress of the project on Twitter at the end of this page.

A series of FAQs is also available

The project is funded by the Health Innovation Network and supported by The Point of Care Foundation, a charity with a strong track record of supporting staff to work differently with service users.