Patient initiated follow up appointments

Some patients may be offered a ‘patient initiated follow up’ (PIFU) appointment.

PIFU allows you or your carer to contact us as and when you need to, rather than coming back for routine appointments when you do not want or need them.

How does it work?

If PIFU is suitable for you, your healthcare professional will discuss your condition with you and add your name to the PIFU appointment list. Instead of being given routine follow-up clinic appointments, you will be able to contact the service directly to arrange a follow-up appointment if you feel you need it.

During your outpatient appointment your clinician will advise you on the next steps for your treatment. If your clinician feels you are suitable to be added to the PIFU appointment list they will discuss this with you to make sure that it will work well for you.  You will no longer be given a routine follow-up clinic appointment, but will be able to access an outpatient appointment should you need one, by requesting an appointment via the My Care Patient Portal App or by contacting the booking team.

Your clinician will fully discuss the PIFU process, how long you will remain on the list and what symptoms may highlight that you need to contact the service so you can been seen by a clinician at the hospital. You will be also be given a leaflet about this service.

You will also be told how long you will stay on the PIFU waiting list as determined by your clinical condition. If you do not need to see the doctor or nurse about your condition within the specified period after your last appointment, you will be discharged back to your GP who will re-refer you if you need to be seen again in the future.

How do I request an appointment?

Requesting an appointment is quick and easy. Either request an appointment via the My Care Patient Portal App  or just call the booking team and say you have a PIFU.

Central booking line: 0208 725 007

Can I contact the PIFU service for new conditions/problems?

The PIFU Pathway should only be used for the conditions agreed with your clinician. For all other concerns or if you are feeling unwell, please contact your GP.