Car parking charges

July 2022

Car parking at the hospital is limited. Besides having to meet the needs of patients, visitors and staff, we also have to provide ready access for emergency vehicles.

Parking on the hospitals perimeter road is restricted to staff and disabled badge holders. Visitors may use the pay on exit car park situated off Blackshaw Road

St George’s operates a pay on exit car park. The charges for parking are displayed at the entrance:

  • £2.50 per hour
  • £25 fixed daily rate over 8 hours
  • Concessions are available so please ask the staff in the ward or department you are visiting
  • Parking free between 22:00 and 06:00

The car park is not run as a commercial operation. All money goes directly to support the work of the hospital. Charging for use of the car park is also necessary to reduce the growth in traffic onto the site, and the Trust fully supports the Government’s aim of reducing traffic pollution across the country. The car park is patrolled by parking attendants.

Disabled parking is available free of charge to drivers displaying a disabled driver’s permit in:

  • any of the reserved disabled spaces available near the entrances of each of the hospital wings.
  • any white-painted bay on the perimeter road around the hospital. These bays are designated for staff and disabled badge holders.

If parked in the barrier controlled car park the blue badge holder must take the ticket and blue badge for validation to the security desk in Grosvenor wing or AMW reception before they leave the hospital.

If you need assistance on arrival, e.g. a porter, please call our portering helpdesk on 020 8725 2134

Car Parking Concessions Policy

Who is exempt from car parking charges?

  • Police and Prison Service
  • Volunteer Ambulance Car Drivers
  • Disabled blue badge holders
  • Volunteers
  • Renal patients attending for dialysis
  • Bereaved relatives
  • Interpreters

Who is eligible for a Weekly permit?

£10 weekly permits are available for those with:

  • Next of kin (one per patient) of patients on ICU or any paediatric ward
  • Patients having transplants or chemotherapy
  • Next of kin (one per patient) of any inpatient

Daily rate of £8 (fixed), who qualifies?

  • Partners of women in labour
  • Parents of children undergoing paediatric day care within the hospital
  • Emergency cases whereby patients are on-site much longer than anticipated because their medical condition deteriorates. This covers the next of kin if applicable.
  • Next of kin of patient that is called to site as a result of clinical deterioration
  • Patients attending Outpatient and Emergency departments who are delayed over 4 hours.

If a patient fits into one of the above categories, what do I do?

  • Trust Staff fill in patient/visitors application form
  • Trust staff complete type of concession
  • Trust staff add budget code
  • Obtain signature
  • Patient to take for to Security.
  • If a patient or a relative is requesting a £10 concession form (PDF), they can ask for a form from the ward the patient will be staying on. The form will be completed and has to be signed by the ward along with a budget code before being taken to the security office for validation as per the Quick Guide to concessions policy (PDF) (PDF).

Please contact wards or departments for further details.