Patient feedback surveys

By listening to patients and responding to what they tell us, we can improve the services we provide.

Have you been treated recently?

We want to hear about your experience with us. Please select the survey that applies to your most recent contact with us from the list below.

You said, we did (April – June 2023)

At St George’s, we are committed to learning from feedback to make improvements to the experience of our patients.  The table below shows examples of changes that have been, as a result of patient/carer feedback, to make changes, resulting in a more positive patient experience.  Please do help us to improve our services by providing your feedback to our teams.


You said, We did.
Appointment letters could be significantly improved positively impacting on the patient journey. We listened to our patients through engagement events, forums, and patient groups, and are committed to amending outpatient letters as part of the Outpatient Transformation project.
You said you waited a long time to collect your medication from pharmacy. We arranged for a patient partner to visit pharmacy with the Head of Patient Experience and Pharmacy Manager, to walk through the department, looking at the environment, signage, information, and communication identifying areas for improvement.
We could improve the transport experience of patients with learning disabilities. We arranged a meeting to hear the insights from patients with learning disabilities about their transport experience.  We used that information to make positive improvements to patient experience.
You were not happy with the attitude of a staff member. The annual customer service training was reviewed, and bespoke training options were explored for the team.
You wanted help to contact a midwife or health visitor following discharge. We ensured Community Midwives Team contact details are given in discharge packs.  Health Visiting team contact details will also be included in discharge pack.
You did not know how the discharge process would work in terms of where to wait and where to collect your medication. Information has been updated in the ward welcome pack about being transferred to the discharge lounge whilst waiting for medication and discharge paperwork.
You said there were no PALS or Complaints leaflets in A&E. We will make sure there are leaflets in A&E and are reviewing the availability of leaflets across the Trust.
We could improve how the hospital involves carers when a patient is in hospital. We are working with the ICB, Carer organisations, staff, patients, and carers to make improvements in how we involve carers during inpatient stays and discharge processes.
You said you experienced a delay after raising your concern with PALS. A tracker has been implemented to improve oversight of patient contacts and concerns waiting on resolution.
You were not aware that you could ask for a translator. We are reviewing our posters and information for patients to ensure these are accessible, clear, and available in key areas.

Communication during a physical examination could be improved.



Post operative care and follow up support could have been much better.

We improved the induction of all new training doctors using case studies to ensure the expected level of communication required during examination is understood.


We are recruiting an additional clinical nurse specialist to improve patient experience and to relieve pressure on clinical team.

Friends and Family Test

Each of our surveys above includes a ‘Friends and Family Test’ question, where patients are asked:”Overall, how was your experience of our service?”

This question provides us with excellent feedback that we use with other sources to make improvements or celebrate successes.

St George’s asks this question in all service areas; including A&E, maternity, inpatient wards, outpatient clinics and our community services.