Working in the Intensive Care Unit at St George’s

Admission to intensive care (ICU) may be pre-planned, for example for close monitoring following heart surgery. It might also be unplanned, for example following a car accident, trauma or deterioration in a patient’s condition.

Our intensive care units are areas within the hospital which are specially staffed, equipped and designed to closely monitor and treat patients with life-threatening conditions. Patients may need specialist treatment because one or more of their body systems, such as their heart, lung or kidneys, are not working properly.

Our team is made up of dedicated and experienced doctors, nurses and other health professionals. We aim to give our patients not only the best treatment but also to care for them as individuals.

Nurses monitor patients for changes in their condition, give medicines and specialist treatments and attend to the patient’s personal needs.

Due to the specialist nature of these roles ICU welcomes applications from nurses once they have a year’s general experience. A couple of members of our dedicated team can give you an insight into their recruitment experience with ICU;

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