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Senior health is the branch of general medicine concerned with the clinical, preventive, remedial and social aspects of illness of older people. Their high morbidity rates, different patterns of disease presentation, slower response to treatment and requirements for social support, call for special medical, nursing and therapy skills. The purpose is to restore an ill and disabled person to a level of maximum ability and, wherever possible, return the person to an independent life at home (The British Geriatrics Society, Compendium document 1.1, 2005).

The Senior health service provides a comprehensive range of acute geriatric and rehabilitation services from St George’s Hospital and St John’s Therapy Centre in Battersea. These services currently include:

  • Acute and rehabilitation inpatient service based on three wards on the St George’s Hospital site, with a needs-related admissions policy
  • Orthogeriatric rehabilitation for post-operative fractured neck of femur patients
  • Outpatient clinics at St George’s Hospital and the St John’s Therapy Centre
  • Day Hospital service at St John’s Therapy Centre
  • Domiciliary consultations

The department also provides specialist advice to intermediate care beds managed by the Wandsworth PCT and is represented at Wandsworth PCT Continuing Care Panel. There is close liaison with colleagues in the Department of Psychiatry of Old Age based at Springfield Hospital.