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The Integrated Falls and Bone Health Service (IF&BHS) is a team that comprises of a variety of health professionals with a special interest in Falls and Bone Health. These are primarily physiotherapists working in conjunction with podiatrists, exercise facilitators and rehabilitation assistants.

An open access and self-referral service, it seeks to reduce the risk of falling and fracturing, by providing clinics and classes in accessible community based locations or at home if more appropriate. At the clinics, a group of health professionals assess the individual’s risk of falling and their bone health status.

Once the individual is assessed and their specific needs identified IF&BHS provides advice and completes all the necessary referrals to the relevant services, such as Dieticians, diabetes specialist nurses and community support services such as Shopmobility. In addition a letter is sent to the patient and GP.

The 2 arms of the assessment service target different risk groups. The falls service targets those at risk of falling who may or may not be at risk of fracture. Whilst the bone health arm targets those with word osteopenia osteoporosis who may or may not be at risk of falling.

Each arm in turn filters onto an appropriate exercise class: B+OOST (Balance and Other Opportunities for Strength Training) which are circuit based exercise sessions to improve balance, strength, coordination and confidence for those at risk of falls.

For bone health patients we run a Bone Boost class which focuses on building/maintaining bone density for those with a diagnosis of osteoporosis/osteopenia.  This can be followed by Nordic Walking and/or Zumba Gold as appropriate.

Guideline criteria –

  • Have had a fall, are concerned about falling or are at risk of falling
  • Have a diagnosis of osteopenia/osteoporosis or a previous fracture over the age of 50 as a result of low trauma.

What we offer:

  • Fill a gap in the current provision of services to ensure that the needs of the more able older people are met around falls and bone health with an early intervention preventative approach.
  • Assess, plan and provide high quality, individualised, holistic care
  • Provide a seamless service with other health care professionals and statutory/non-statutory agencies
  • Provide appropriate care/treatment which will prevent unnecessary admission to hospital
  • Treat every individual with dignity and respect
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the patient’s care/treatment plan
  • Provide links to other appropriate social care and NHS Community services and the voluntary sector
  • Achieve satisfactory outcomes with all those who use the service

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