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The Atkinson Morley Movement Disorders Group provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment for people with movement disorders.

Movement disorders are conditions involving the nervous system that affect the speed, fluency, quality and ease of body movements.

Parkinson’s disease, dystonia and essential tremor are common Movement Disorders.

In recent years, there has been tremendous growth in new diagnostic information, pharmacological and neurosurgical treatments for Movement Disorders, as well as a greater understanding of impaired motor control function.

St George’s is a major centre for diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders, treating patients from across south west London, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire.

We offer a number of specialist clinics and services including:

  • Functional Movement Disorders
  • Functional Neurosurgery – Deep Brain Stimulation and Stereotactic Lesions for Parkinson’s disease, Tremor and Dystonia.
  • Apomorphine and Duodopa therapy for Parkinson’s Disease
  • Botulinum toxin therapy for dystonia – including EMG guided injections for complex dystonia
  • Paroxysmal movement disorders
  • Tourette syndrome and Tic disorders
  • Chorea including Huntington’s Disease
  • Specialised neurophysiology
  • Clinical Genetics Liaison for Movement Disorders
  • Close links with Community Therapy Services

The Clinicians within theAtkinson Morley Movement Disorders Group also work closely with all other specialties in the neurology, neurosciences and neurosurgery department.



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