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Co design has begin – we have met with staff and mums to start work on the two most popular themes from the project: “Improving antenatal information about operative birth” and “Personalising the theatre process”. Watch this space for more details of project progress

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July 2018

New Beginnings – Staff change ideas

Since the staff event in May we have collated all of the  ideas staff came up with  then with the ideas that  came through the question  of the week initiative.  Take a look and see what
you think of the change  ideas we have come up with as a unit.  Do you see some you  would like to take forward with us? Maybe you’d like to like to help with the shadowing and staff photo gallery mini projects that we’ve started If you’d like to help please get in touch with Emma or Julia via New.Beginnings@stgeorges.nhs.uk You can follow the project via Twitter too @NbBeginnings


Shadowing has come up as a strong change idea within the project both from theatre staff wanting to understand what challenges obstetricians and midwifery staff face looking after women in Maternity and also our midwifery staff wanting to work alongside their colleagues in theatres to get a better understanding of their roles and challenges. We’ve had several volunteers from each area and we are now negotiating
off duty rotas to get these sessions started. Watch this space for a progress report. We’ll ask each of our volunteers to reflect on what impact it had on them



So far we have had a great response from theatre staff to the gallery idea. It will help us all to know who we’re calling on when women need to go to theatre and which human beings the names on our handover board relate to. Get them to the 8 am & 8 pm handovers. Theatre staff really want to have a better connection with the ward and the women’s journeys so why not share the love! ❤ .

Mat Team Training 30.5

New Beginnings Newsletter – June 2018

New Beginnings Newsletter – July 2018