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What is Experience based Co-Design?

EBCD involves gathering experiences from patients and staff through in-depth interviewing, observations and group discussions, identifying key ‘touch points’ (emotionally significant points) and assigning positive or negative feelings. A short edited film is created from the patient interviews. This is shown to staff and patients, conveying in an impactful way how patients experience the service. Staff and patients are then brought together to explore the findings and to work in small groups to identify and implement activities that will improve the service or the care pathway.

What do I need to do to take part?

If you’d like to share your experience of birth in an operating theatre with us as part of this project you can contact us via the project email address New.Beginnings@stgeorges.nhs.uk

What is involved?

We would interview you for about an hour about your experience. We would like to film the interview but this is optional.

Where will the interview take place?

We can interview in a place to suit you which may well be your home – you tell us. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and able to chat.

Who will see my interview?

You will see your interview initially then we will edit it along with the interviews of other families birth experiences to create a serious of experience moments called ‘touch points’. Once this has been done we will invite you to an event with the other families involved to look at this film and agree what those ‘touch points’ mean to all of you. This film will be used to set priorities from our families on what they want more of for others having babies in an operating theatre. Finally we will show this edited film to the staff also participating in the project as part of a joint staff and family event to agree what some small group of families and staff can start working on together. If you agree your film will be able to help many more staff to learn how to listen to families in the future. As a thank you we will cover your travel, provide refreshments and a small token of our appreciation for your time.

Can I change my mind?

You can be part of this project at any time. Even if you only have time for the initial interview your participation is extremely important to us. Just let us know as you go along and we will let you know how the project is progressing with regular updates

How will you store this information about me?

The filmed interviews will be stored on a secure place within the hospital computer system so that it is only used for this project. Once the project is complete and only if you are happy then it could be used for extremely valuable learning throughout the health service.

Who can I contact if i have any concerns?

You can contact Dr Emma Evans or Julia Crawshaw via the New.Beginnings@stgeorges.nhs.uk email address at any time

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