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The Audiology service provided at Queen Mary’s Hospital has an established reputation as a forward-thinking, high performing service which provides high quality clinical care. The integrated service is uniquely based on an audiologist-led and delivered model of care.

At Queen Mary’s we aim to improve the quality of life for people with hearing and balance disorders, provide timely and accurate advice and information, raise awareness of the communication needs of individuals with hearing loss, and promote hearing preservation.

The Audiology service has sustained accreditation by the Ear Institute at University College London to support pre-registration students completing the BSc Audiology degree programme in the following areas:

Introductory clinical placements are offered to year 1 students, foundation placements to year 2 students, work placements and support for practical assessments to year 3 students and research support to year 4 students.

The service has also sustained accreditation by the British Academy of Audiology, (BAA), as a post-graduate training centre for qualified audiologists wishing to fulfil the scope of practice for specialist and advanced practitioners under the BAA Higher Training Scheme.