Consultant in Audiovestibular Medicine

Clinical Interests

Dr Pajaniappane is a medically trained specialist in the diagnosis and management of hearing and balance problems. His main interests are dizziness, vertigo (Neuro-otology) and hearing problems. He also enjoys diagnosing and helping patients with tinnitus. His research interests are in the neuro-vestibular causes of dizziness and vestibular migraine.

Professional Profile

Dr Pajaniappane qualified from the University College London Medical School in 2006 (MBBS). He initially trained in surgery, particularly ENT. He successfully obtained his surgical (MRCS) and ENT (DOHNS) qualifications from the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Dr Pajaniappane furthered his specialist interest in hearing and balance disorders by studying for a Master’s degree in Audiovestibular Medicine from University College London, which he passed with Merit. He then joined the Audiovestibular Medicine Training Programme to become a physician.

Dr Pajaniappane completed his training with CCT in Audiovestibular Medicine and, is currently doing a range of clinics at St’George’s Hospital covering dizziness, hearing loss and tinnitus. Aside from clinical work, he enjoys delivering lectures on his area of expertise to students, medical and non-medical staff.