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Communicating with people with a hearing loss in person

  • Face the person you are talking to and make sure there are no barriers between you (if possible)
  • Make sure the lighting is good and they can see your face clearly
  • Speak naturally and at a moderate speed
  • Do not shout as this distorts the words
  • Do not mumble, speak clearly and at a reasonable level
  • Make sure they know who they are speaking to and what the conversation is about
  • Remove as much background noise as you can
  • Some patients have a telecoil setting on their hearing aids, if available make use of the telecoil microphones in the reception area (all receptions should have these)
  • Give the person time to process what you have said
  • Check regularly that what you have said has been understood
  • Be prepared to be patient and to repeat what you have said
  • Get straight to the point and don’t pad out conversations with unnecessary words
  • If a patient has not understood after repeating the information a few times, rephrase the information
  • Consider alternative methods such as writing it down