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St George’s Hospital’s busy, modern emergency department provides a 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year, and sees around 120,000 patients. Around 21 per cent of patients attending the emergency department are admitted to the hospital. The department assesses and provides initial treatment to patients who are severely injured or who have developed a serious illness.

Patients may be from the local area or from across south west London and Surrey, as St George’s Hospital provides specialist services not available at other hospitals for major trauma victims (the department is one of four major trauma centres in London) and patients with heart problems and strokes.

Last year around 22 per cent of patients attending the emergency department were children. St George’s Hospital’s emergency department has a separate children’s emergency department where children and young people are treated. The staff for this area includes specially trained paediatric nurses and doctors. The area has nine beds/cubicles, and its own waiting area, toilets and baby changing facilities. The area operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The emergency department has:

  • an eight-bay resuscitation area for the most seriously ill or injured patients
  • a major illness area which has 16 beds / cubicles
  • a minor injuries area which has 11 cubicles
  • an ENT room
  • an eye examination room

On arrival patients are assessed by an experienced emergency nurse. This assessment is called triage and is designed to ensure the most seriously ill patients are seen first.

Patients with minor injuries or illnesses may be directed to alternative services which may be more appropriate for them, such as a local walk-in centre or their local GP.

Information and advice about alternatives to A&E for non-emergency injuries and illnesses is available through NHS 111.

For local alternatives to A&E, please see Wandsworth CCG’s website.

During the day, the minor injuries area operates a ‘See and Treat’ system which is designed to ensure that patients with minor problems are seen without delay.

The department also has a clinical decision unit (CDU), to accommodate 10 patients who require planned investigation and treatment for a period of no more than 24-36 hours. The children’s emergency department has a similar facility called the paediatric assessment unit (PAU) where children can be observed and cared for for up to 12 hours.

The emergency department has 18 consultants, five of whom are dual trained in adult and paediatric emergency medicine and about 40 junior doctors in general and paediatric emergency medicine. The department’s staff of more than 90 nurses is led by a head of nursing, consultant nurse and matron. Within the nursing structure there are emergency nurse practitioners who offer a service in the minors area, and emergency care nurses who specialise in the care of patients in the resuscitation area. The department is supported by a team of non-clinical staff which includes receptionists, led by a service manager.

The department has a target of treating and admitting, transferring or discharging patients within four hours of arrival.

Follow-up clinics are held separately for adults and children, and an acute physiotherapy service is available within the department.


Emergency Department,
Ground Floor, St James Wing
St George’s Hospital,
Blackshaw Road
Tooting, London
SW17 0QT

The Emergency Department is located off Perimeter Road on the same side as the main entrance.

The 493 and G1 buses stop outside the emergency department.