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The Dermatology Outpatients Unit at Queen Mary’s Hospital provides a professional service for patients with acute and chronic skin disease including skin cancer. A comprehensive range of diagnostic tests and clinical treatments are available. Possible skin cancers should be referred to the Skin Cancer Screening clinic on Wednesday morning where clinical photography and biopsies or excisions are available on the same day if necessary. A results clinic also runs parallel to the Skin Cancer Screening Clinic. We have a dedicated dermatology specialist nursing team providing quality care in a purpose built state of the art unit.

Services Offered

• Minor dermatological operations
• Joint plastics and dermatology clinic
• Consultant led dermatology clinics Monday – Friday
• Weekly Skin Cancer Screening Clinic on a Wednesday
• Weekly joint skin cancer multi-disciplinary meetings with Queen Mary’s and St George’s hospital’s dermatology, plastics, radiotherapy, oncology and CNS nursing teams
• Twice monthly Paediatric dermatology clinic. Consultant with specialist interest in allergy eczema
• Nurse led day care treatments for acute/chronic dermatological conditions
• Phototherapy TL01 and PUVA including Hand & Foot PUVA
• Nurse led photodynamic service for non-melanoma skin cancer
• Nurse led Iontophoresis
• Nurse led cryotherapy clinic
• Nurse led patient education and health promotion sessions
• Nurse led follow-up clinics
• Nurse led results clinic for patients requiring systemic drug monitoring
• Nurse led skin camouflage clinic (pending)


• Minor operating theatre
• Day care with bathing and showering facilities
• Phototherapy – standing cabinet for UVA and UVB (Waldmann)
• Phototherapy – Hand & Foot PUVA machine (Waldmann)
• Phototherapy – UVA and UVB canopy for localised treatment (Waldmann)
• Iontophoresis machine – Iomax 4
• Photodynamic therapy machine – Aktilite