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Adult Direct Access and Hearing Aid Service

This service is for the assessment of adults with hearing loss and for provision of hearing aids and rehabilitation support as required.

Vestibular Assessment

Vestibular assessments clinics are performed using computerised ENG and caloric testing. These assessments are completed in a dedicated, custom built test room. Repositioning manoeuvres are completed by a lead ENT Associate Specialist Surgeon and vestibular rehabilitation by a nurse led specialist. Transient evoked otoacoustic emissions and evoked response audiometry are also undertaken

Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Service

This specialist service developed over the past fifteen years offers assessment, rehabilitation and advice regarding the full range of implanted sound processors.

Paediatric Hearing and Hearing Aid Service

During dedicated clinics diagnostic assessment and planned follow-ups are offered to babies where routine newborn hearing screening is incomplete or where pass results have not been obtained.

Direct Access Paediatric Audiological Assessment

A direct access, specialist audiologist led service is provided to primary care providers were there is concern regarding a child’s hearing sensitivity.

Paediatric Habilitation

During dedicated clinics, children are fitted with a range of hearing aid systems, and reviewed as required. There is close liaison with local education service teams, social services staff and voluntary sector agencies to provide a high quality service for children with hearing loss.

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Tel: 0208 487 6386/6402