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St George’s celebrates Project SEARCH graduates

“It brightens up my day, it brightens up my life.” – That’s how Front of House Host Colin Davis describes his experience of being a mentor and soon-to-be volunteer for Project SEARCH.

15 Jul 2016 | Tags: Action on Disability Cricket Green School learning disabilities mentors Project SEARCH st george's hospital students trainees work experience

You Only Live Once

There is nothing run of the mill about the injuries in tonight’s episode. It is full of high drama, which fortunately comes out right for all in the end. 11-year-old Jack is rushed to A&E after being hit by a motorbike while walking to his first day at secondary school. …

11 Jul 2016 | Tags: #24HrsAE 24 24 Hours 24 Hours A&E 24 hours in A&E 24 hrs in A&E

Widening participation work shadowing scheme wins national award

The St George’s Healthcare Shadowing Scheme won Health Education England’s national award for Widening Participation Work Exposure in June. The scheme provides disadvantaged Year 12 students from Wandsworth and Merton with a clinical work experience placement at St George’s or Queen Mary’s during the summer holidays.

8 Jul 2016

24 Hours in A&E continues with Love’s Sacrifice…

This episode is about the things people will give up to improve the life of a loved one. 22-year-old cyclist Athar is rushed to St George’s after a collision with a car on his way to work. Athar wasn’t wearing a helmet and ‘bullseyed’ the car’s rear window; he can’t …

4 Jul 2016 | Tags: #24HrsAE 24 24 Hours 24 Hours A&E 24 hours in A&E 24 Hrs A&E 24 hrs in A&E

St George’s Hospital Charity has new Chair

St George’s Hospital Charity is delighted to announce the appointment of Anna Walker CB as the new Chair of Trustees. She will join the charity as trustee with immediate effect and take up the post of Chair when the current Chair, Dr Stephen Hickey, retires in September after serving his …

1 Jul 2016

New psychological support service for cancer patients and families launched at St George’s

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is delighted to announce the launch of the Macmillan Cancer Psychological Support (CaPS) Team.

30 Jun 2016 | Tags: #cancersupport #macmillancancer #psychologicalsupport

The Tree of Life – why organ donation matters

The Tree of Life celebration is held annually at St George’s and honours people who have died over the years and donated their organs so that others might live. All staff and people associated with the donor are invited to attend the ceremony which will be held from 11:00 until …

30 Jun 2016 | Tags: #kidneydonation #organdonation #transplants #TreeofLife

Lonely Hearts: 24 Hours in A&E continues…

68-year-old Beth is rushed to A&E after falling down a flight of stairs and breaking her ankle – her foot is hanging off and the bone is sticking out. Beth, who’s originally from Canada, lives on her own after her husband died recently. “I remember losing my balance. I just …

27 Jun 2016

Improving neonatal care with technology

Technology is vastly improving patient care through making monitoring and record keeping easy and fool-proof. No more missing patient notes. Neonatal care requires very close monitoring by clinicians as babies can improve and deteriorate rapidly. Click here to find out more about the Cerner system which we are using at …

21 Jun 2016

Project Search is gearing up again!

Project SEARCH has been at St George’s since 2012. It’s a supported internship programme for people with learning disabilities (aged 18-24) and takes place between September and July. During their time at St George’s, the trainees learn about work and develop their employability skills by carrying out unpaid work experience …

20 Jun 2016

St George’s co-hosts fetal medicine event at Royal Society of Medicine

On Wednesday 14 June, our fetal medicine and clinical genetics teams co-hosted an educational seminar at premises of the Royal Society of Medicine with Premaitha, makers of the SAFE (St George’s Antenatal Fetal Evaluation) blood test. The test was first offered from June 2015 at the trust.

20 Jun 2016

Education, education, education!

St George’s surgical teaching faculty were nationally recognised by the College of Surgeons of England as the regional team delivering the most Royal College surgical teaching courses in 2015. This award is the result of a great team effort by many consultants and trainee surgeons from different specialties working with …

20 Jun 2016

Dangerous Pursuits

Sometimes doing the things you love gets you into hot water – but you do them anyway because life is made all the better for doing them.

20 Jun 2016

Here we go again

Sometimes, unpleasant things just keep happening time and time again for no reason. All you can do is bear with it and the people featured in this episode have certainly had their fair share of the past repeating itself. 39-year-old Stephan is rushed to St George’s with internal bleeding from …

13 Jun 2016

Keep on going

All the people in this episode are real goers. They get 10 out of 10 for trying. 31-year-old Liam is rushed to St George’s after collapsing at home during an epileptic seizure. It was his fourth seizure of the day and he experiences another at the hospital. He’s given an …

6 Jun 2016 | Tags: #24HrsAE 24 24 Hours 24 Hours A&E 24 hours in A&E 24 Hrs A&E 24 hrs in A&E