Thomas Ind, Gynaecological Surgeon at St George’s, led the Trust’s first robotic hysterectomy earlier this month.

The procedure, which lasted little over an hour, was undertaken using the Da Vinci Robot SI and had a team of eight people (pictured) to ensure that the surgery went smoothly. The operation was a success and saw the patient recover well.

This type of surgery means a shorter length of stay for patients, a quicker return to normal activity and fewer complications.

However, the benefits of robotic surgery are as much for the surgeon as they are for the patient. The robot is more flexible and removes a surgeon’s natural tremor to reduce the risk of human error.

Thomas is no stranger to robotic hysterectomies though, having performed almost 500 in the last ten years or so. In fact, he was the surgeon to bring this form of treatment to St George’s following successful surgeries at other Trusts.

Thomas said: “It’s great that we have these facilities available to us to reduce the length of time operations take as well as give us more flexibility during surgery. I’m very proud to have led the first robotic hysterectomy at St George’s with the hard work of the team too.”

Thomas is also the President of the British and Irish Association of Robotic Gynaecological Surgeons as well as the Secretary of the Society of European Robotic Gynaecological Surgeons.
Well done to Thomas and team.