Queen Mary’s referrals

How to make a non-urgent referral

Where possible, please address all referrals to ‘Dear Doctor’. This will often reduce the amount of time the patient needs to wait for their appointment. However, if you or your patient have a preference for a particular consultant, please address your referral directly to the named consultant.

Please send all referrals via ERS.

To help us and your patient please ensure that your referral letter includes:

  • Full GP and practice details
  • Complete and correctly spelt patient name and date of birth
  • All relevant clinical history
  • Any relevant pathology or scan results
  • Whether an interpreter is required
  • If you have booked transport for the patient
  • Patient contact telephone numbers
  • Patient’s NHS number

If you have any queries about referrals or appointments, please call the Call Centre on 020 8487 6290.

GPs can call 020 8487 6848 for advice during office hours.

Referral forms

Cancer referrals

All cancer referrals need to be sent via the NHS e-Referral service (eRS). At this point any patients requiring an appointment at Queen Mary’s Hospital will be booked to one of our clinics under the two week wait rule. Cancer referral forms are available from the London Cancer Alliance website.

Dietetics referrals

Direct access endoscopy referrals

Physiotherapy any qualified provider (AQP) referrals

Richmond AQP Neck and Back Pain referral form QMH May 2019

Special seating clinic referrals