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The Motor Nerve Clinic at St. George’s Hospital diagnoses and manages patients with motor neurone disease (MND) and related disorders. It is our aim to treat patients with MND holistically, by strengthening links with multi-disciplinary teams in the community in Southwest London and Surrey and work closely with other specialties at St. George’s Hospital.

In addition to supportive care we actively offer people with MND the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.

The respiratory team work closely with Neurology in the treatment of MND. The respiratory team consists of a Consultant Physician, Consultant Clinical Scientist and Physiologists providing thorough assessments and treatment. Once referred, patients complete respiratory assessments involving breathing tests to assess lung capacity, and the strength of the respiratory muscles. In addition, a sleep study may be organised, which can be done at home, and will check oxygen levels to ensure lungs and muscles are working correctly when asleep.  At the appointment, symptoms and test results are discussed, as well as treatment that may be suitable to support breathing. We review patients regularly to monitor our patients’ breathing and requirements from the treatment.

The Nutrition Support Team work closely with Neurology in the treatment of MND. The team consists of a two Consultant Gastroenterologists and three Clinical Nutrition Nurse Specialists.

Patients are referred to the Complex Nutrition Clinic for assessment of gastrostomy insertion once deemed suitable by the Neurology Team.  A gastrostomy tube is a thin, flexible tube that is inserted directly into the stomach and can provide nutrition, hydration, and medication administration.  In the clinic they will be assessed for RIG insertion and if appropriate will be counselled on the procedure in detail.  Jointly with the Neurology Team they will arrange the procedure and admission and review the patient again once they have been admitted.

On admission they will be seen by the Neurology Specialist Dietitian who also works closely with the Nutrition Nurses.