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During Pregnancy:

Your Midwife will ask you at your first appointment about any mental health history you may have. It is important you share this openly and honestly so that we can tailor your antenatal care appropriately.

You can speak to your Midwife or Obstetrician at any time in your pregnancy to let them know if you feel you want support with your mental wellbeing.

You can also talk to your GP, or self-refer to your local talking therapy service, completely free:

IAPT Leaflet London (Talking Therapy)

Find your local service: https://www.nhs.uk/service-search/find-a-psychological-therapies-service/

Preparing for parenthood flyer

If you are requiring additional support for your mental health in pregnancy you may be referred to our Specialist Midwives or the Perinatal Mental Health Service:

“My name is Louise, and I work as the Specialist Midwife for Perinatal Mental Health, my role is to aid my fellow Midwifery colleagues in providing care to those of you who may need additional mental health and wellbeing support. We have a team based at St George’s hospital available to help coordinate resources and referrals and provide specialist care tailored to your individual needs. Speak to your Midwife if you feel at any time you may be needing more support with your mental wellbeing.”

Perinatal Mental Health Leaflet

After Pregnancy:

You will be regularly asked by your Midwife, Health Visitor, and GP about your mental wellbeing. You can raise a concern for yourself at any time after having the baby, so the appropriate support can be put in place for you.

The Cedar House Support Group is for women who are experiencing postnatal depression.

The groups provide a safe and supportive environment where mothers can get together with others who may be feeling similar to themselves. This helps their recovery by normalising feelings and reducing the sense of isolation that postnatal depression can bring. All the groups are relaxed, informal and totally confidential.


Mothers will take medication during and after pregnancy for a variety of reasons, and this can include medications for mental health such as antidepressants. The decision to take these medications can be discussed with your Doctor or mental health team. Some information can be found below:

Fathers and Partners

Pregnancy not only affects the mother-to-be, but also those close to her. Talking to your GP, contacting Talking Therapy services and attending the Wellbeing Workshops are all open to fathers and partners.

The Anna Freud organisation also offers support for the mental wellbeing of dads to be:

Anna Freud Dad support after having a baby flyer