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The first appointment you have will be with a midwife and will last 1 – 1.5 hours.   This is an opportunity for you to meet a midwife, discuss any issues and to learn more about St George’s.  From this first meeting with you, we encourage you to start thinking about where you might want to have your baby (for example at home or in the midwifery unit) and how you might want to feed him or her.

Can I bring someone to the appointment?

You can bring a partner or friend to the appointment.  However, the midwife will have a 10 minute discussion with you without your partner, relatives or friend present.

What if I need an interpreter?

Please contact us immediately on 020 8725 1710 if you require an interpreter.  We will arrange for a professional interpreter to be present for your appointment.  Failure to notify us may result in your appointment being arranged for a later date.  We regret that your husband, partner, family or friends cannot translate during your maternity visits.  Professional interpreters are trained to translate complex medical information during consultations and this will be arranged for all antenatal appointments.

When will my booking appointment be?

You will be sent a date for your booking appointment once we have received your referral.

We hope to offer women a booking appointment before the end of their 12th week of pregnancy.  If you are already more than 12 weeks pregnant when you are referred to us, we aim to see you within two weeks of the referral.

If your referral was submitted over 10 days ago and you have not yet received an appointment letter, please contact the booking office on 020 8725 1914. The office is open Monday-Friday, 08.30-16.30

What happens during the Booking Appointment?

Your midwife will ask you a number of questions about your physical and mental health and your social situation.  Some of the questions may seem very personal but the aim is to ensure the best care for you and your baby.

Will I have any tests at the booking appointment?

Yes.  Your height and weight will be measured so your Body Mass Index (BMI) can be assessed.  You will also be asked to provide a urine sample for testing and the midwife will check your blood pressure and feel your abdomen (tummy).

If you have not already had a blood test, this will be done during the appointment.

What do I need to bring to the Booking Appointment?

Please bring two forms of identification – one to prove your identity and one to provide information of your residential address.  You should also bring any medication that you are taking or using and a list of any questions you have.

Why do I need to bring identification?

These are required to enable us to assess whether you are eligible for free NHS treatment, in line with Department of Health regulations.

We will care for any woman and will not delay maternity treatment if it is not possible to provide documents or if women are not eligible for free care.  Our Overseas Patients team will work with you to assess your eligibility and to support and discuss payment arrangements if appropriate.  More information can be found here.

What information will I be given during the Booking Appointment?

You will be given lots of information during the appointment.  This includes information on diet, nutrition, exercise, smoking and alcohol.  The midwife will also start to talk with you about the different options you have for giving birth.

Where can I find further information?

Please ask your midwife any questions you may have.  These organisations may also be able to additional information or support.



Frank about drugs

Merton Domestic Violence



Wandsworth Domestic Violence

Wandsworth Sexual Health Services

Wandsworth Stop Smoking Services

Women’s Aid

NHS Pregnancy Smoking Helpline: 0800 169 9169

Sexual Health Information Helpline: 0800 567 123

Working Families Rights and Benefits: 0800 013 0313


What happens after the appointment?

At the end of your appointment, the midwife will advise you which team will continue your antenatal care and where your appointments will take place.  They will provide contact details for this team.  If the midwife thinks it would be useful for you to see a doctor in your pregnancy, a referral will be made to one of the Consultant Clinics.

Our aim is for women to see the same midwife or a very small team of midwives throughout their pregnancy.  A member of your midwifery team will contact you to arrange your next appointment.  This is usually at around 16 weeks for women having their first baby and around 4-6 weeks after you booking appointment for women having their second or subsequent baby.

How do I change the date of my booking appointment?

It is very important that you attend your appointment as planned.  We offer early pregnancy screening for you and your baby.  Cancelled or changed appointments could lead to delays in your screening and obtaining results.  However, if you need to change the date of your appointment please contact the antenatal booking office on 020 8725 1914.  The office is open Monday-Friday, 08.30-16.30.