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The Protein Reference and Immunopathology service at St George’s Hospital are now part of South West London Pathology which is a partnership set up by Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to provide a single, integrated pathology service across South West London and beyond.

For more information about South West London Pathology visit the website www.swlpath.nhs.uk

The Protein Reference and Immunopathology Unit is one of three supra-regional assay services in the UK for specific protein analysis. The Unit also has an international reputation. It runs a large repertoire of tests to help exclude, diagnose and monitor a wide variety of immunologically-based diseases including allergies, tumours and autoimmune and genetic diseases.

The laboratory is sent samples from inpatients and outpatients from St George’s Healthcare, local GPs and more than 100 hospitals within the UK and occasionally labs in Europe, India and the US. The service is open 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. Expert consultative advice is available from consultant and senior scientists regarding appropriate investigation of clinical problems and interpretation of results.