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For Malignant Haematology services please see the Haematological Cancer page

Haematology services at St George’s Hospital are now part of South West London Pathology which is a partnership set up by Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to provide a single, integrated pathology service across South West London and beyond.

For more information about South West London Pathology visit the website www.swlpath.nhs.uk

Haematology and blood transfusion offer a comprehensive service to Trust hospitals and all other purchasers including GPs. There are five service laboratories which provide routine full blood counts and blood transfusion services 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

  • Diagnostic haematology performs full blood counts and related tests to aid diagnosis and treatment of blood cell and platelet disorders. Additional tests are carried to identify specific disorders e.g. infectious mononucleosis and immune cytopenias. Bone marrow aspirates are performed and reported. Disorders of blood production e.g. leukaemia, myeloproliferative diseases, are diagnosed referred to specialist haematologists for treatment including bone marrow transplant. There is an internationally renowned Aplastic Anaemia Service.
  • Haemostasis performs coagulation screens pre-operatively and to investigate abnormal bleeding and initiates, monitors and controls anticoagulant therapy. There is a regional service for diagnosis and management of haemophilia and thrombophilia.
  • Blood Transfusion stores and provides blood products on completion of appropriate pre-transfusion testing. Ante-natal anti D is issued in line with current guidelines. Hospital staff training in blood transfusion is co-ordinated and supervised.
  • Leukaemia Diagnosis provides the regional service for diagnosis of leukaemia, lymphoma and immune monitoring using a number of specialist techniques.
  • Haemoglobinopathy Screening identifies disorders of haemoglobin production e.g. sickle-cell disease and thalassemia. Ante-natal testing to identify those at risk of severe genetic disease is carried out and referral made for counselling as appropriate.

For blood transfusion alternatives please refer to our leaflet Blood transfusion alternatives for Jehovah’s witnesses