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Update for patients with haemophilia and bleeding disorders during the COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19 is a viral infection caused by a newly emerged form of coronavirus particularly affecting the upper airways and lungs. Everyone in the population needs to be vigilant about minimising the risk of infection, monitoring for signs of infection and reducing risk of transmitting the infection to others. We are aware however that our Haematology patients may have particular concerns and needs.

The Haematology team here at St George’s Hospital are here to support you during this difficult and anxiety provoking time.  Whilst it will be necessary to make some changes to the way we deliver care, we will be doing our best to continue your usual Haematology care as far as possible during the coming weeks to months.  We are also here along with the rest of the hospital and community health teams to manage and support you if you have concerns related to COVID-19 and your blood disorder.

To help you keep up-to-date with the latest guidance from St George’s Hospital and nationally/internationally, please find some resources to refer to.

Patients with bleeding disorders and concerns regarding exposure to or infection with COVID-19 should refer to the current NHS guidance


In the case of a medical emergency:

dial 999 and inform them of your emergency, your bleeding disorder diagnosis as well as details of your COVID-19-related isolation/symptoms.  On arrival at hospital please show your bleeding disorders card and/or ask the team to contact your Haemophilia Centre.

If you have a bleed or injury:    Avoid attending A & E unless absolutely necessary

  • Promptly administer your usual treatment at home (eg. clotting factor, desmopressin and/or tranexamic acid).
  • if you have a bleed that does not respond to the usual treatment please contact the Haemophilia Team on 0208 725 0763 (working hours 0800-1700 hrs).
  • If you are unable to treat yourself please telephone the haemophilia office immediately so we can assess you over the telephone and advise you appropriately.
  • If the bleed occurs out of hours please contact the haematology registrar on call so they can assess you over the telephone and advise you appropriately.
  • Please be vigilant with your clotting factor supply at home, ensuring you re-order supplies in a timely manner.
  • If you are currently self isolating, but need treatment for an acute bleed please inform staff of your current situation so appropriate precautions can be made.


If you have an out-patient or day unit appointment:

please do not attend the hospital.  Instead contact the Haemophilia team or Haematology secretaries so we can advise you about rearranging your appointment or reviewing over the telephone.

Contact details for the team:

Within working hours:

Haemophilia Team: Tel: 0208 725 0763 (Monday to Friday 8am-5pm), Email: haemophilia@stgeorges.nhs.uk


Haematology Secretaries: 020 87250885

Outside of working hours:

Haematology Registrar Oncall (available via switch board, 0208 672 1255)

St George’s Haemophilia Centre is located within St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  It is well established in providing comprehensive care to those with Haemophilia, inherited and acquired bleeding disorders.  We offer 24-hour care with on-site access to diagnostic and treatment facilities.  Home treatment delivery programs are also coordinated from the centre.

We regularly participate in educational events as well as teaching and studying on university programs.  We have an ongoing commitment to research and have participated in commercial trials and conducted clinical audits and academic studies.

We provide a specialist comprehensive range of clinical, laboratory, support and advisory services to patients and their families including other healthcare professionals within the hospital, inpatient, outpatient and community settings.

For more information on the adult and paediatric haemophilia service, view the PDFs below:

Adult haemophilia service

Paediatric haemophilia service