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Physiotherapists are specially trained to treat and educate patients with musculoskeletal disorders. Each patient seen by the Physiotherapist will have different needs and will be assessed and given a tailored treatment program.

When will I be seen?

  • You will be seen alongside your consultant and specialist nurse as required depending on individual need.
  • Moderate and Severe Haemophilia A and B patients will be seen at a minimum of once a year to complete a joint score.
  • If you have a new muscle or joint injury. Please contact the Haemophilia team
  • If you have a joint bleed. Please urgently contact the Haemophilia team

What Can a Physiotherapist do to Help You?

  • Physiotherapy treatment is paramount in helping individuals prevent, manage and optimally recover from bleeds.
  • The physiotherapist can provide an individualised assessment and treatment program to help you return to full function and sport. This is supported by our physiotherapy exercise app – PHYSITRACK
  • Provide you with treatment and advice during and following an acute bleeding episode.
  • Advise you about which sports and activities are recommended for patients with Haemophilia to help maintain and improve long term health of your joints.
  • Providing useful resources via the internet or leaflets

How to contact us

We can be contacted directly at: haemophiliaphysio@stgeorges.nhs.uk

Where will I be seen?

Depending on where you live, you can be seen at St. George’s Hospital or be referred to your local physiotherapy department.

Useful information leaflets for patients

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