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The St George’s Genomics Service is based in St. George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and is part of the South East Genomics Laboratory Hub (SEGLH) .

St George’s Genomics Service works with the other laboratories in this network to provide a comprehensive diagnostic analytical and reporting service for a range of genetic disorders as specified in the NHS Test Directory: https://www.england.nhs.uk/publication/national-genomic-test-directories/.

The St George’s Genomics Service is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory, No. 8127. On-site processing, analysis and reporting of NIPT (non-invasive prenatal testing) maternal blood samples is carried out via the SAFE Test Laboratory, in collaboration with the St George’s Fetal Medicine Unit (FMU). All other sample processing is carried out at the Synnovis Genetics Laboratory, a UKAS accredited medical laboratory (No.8688), located at Guy’s Hospital, with data analysis and reporting carried out by St George’s Genomics Service.

The delivery of our genomic services is underpinned and greatly assisted by the use of our own innovative IT informatic solutions:

  • GeneWorks – a laboratory and clinical service end-to-end genomic informatics management system.
  • Family History Questionnaire Service (FHQS) – a cloud hosted, patient facing questionnaire application enabling efficient collection of personal and family history generating pedigree charts and tabulated forms to aid clinical review.

Should you have any queries or would like to discuss the use of either of these digital IT systems, please contact the St George’s Genomics Service.


Turnaround Times

SGGS monitors adherence to national turnaround times, for all referrals reported by this service. Current average compliance for SGGS reported results only, is shown below:

Turnaround Times (2022-23) Average Reports in TAT
NIPT (PHE) 80%
NIPT (non-pathway) 93%
Prenatal testing 31%
Targeted Mutation Testing 40%
URGENT DNA Small NGS panels (<10 genes) 38%
DNA Small NGS panels (<10 genes) 41%
DNA Large panel (>10genes) + WGS NGS 11%
Overall TAT performance 35%
Correct as of 31/01/2023