Referrals and Appointments

Services at | Updated 21 May 2019

Referrals can be accepted from GPs and need to be booked by the e-Referral Service. Your hospital clinician may also choose to refer you. Appointments are extremely valuable. If you cannot attend your appointment, please phone us so that we can offer you a new appointment and, the cancelled appointment …

Managing Your Vestibular Condition

Services at | Updated 13 Mar 2019

Your Audiovestibular Specialist should help identify the most appropriate treatment for your condition. This may involve lifestyle measures, medications, a programme of specific exercises and/or vestibular rehabilitation with our physiotherapy colleagues. Treatment manoeuvres are offered if you are diagnosed with specific type of positional vertigo. You may also be considered …

Preparing For Your Vestibular Function Tests

Services at | Updated 13 Mar 2019

1. It is important that you have your ears checked for wax at your GP surgery before your appointment. Some procedures cannot be carried out if you have excessive wax in your ears. 2. Avoid make-up, especially eye make-up. This may make it more difficult for our eye measurement systems …

Vestibular Function Tests

Services at | Updated 15 Mar 2019

Vestibular function tests are performed to assess the inner ear balance organs and to identify if one or both are working properly. Part of this will involve close observation and recording of your eyes movements to look for nystagmus. Kindly refer to the section on Preparing For Your Vestibular Test …

St Georges Children’s Hearing Services Working Group (CHSWG)

Services at | Updated 1 Mar 2019

The aim of Children’s Hearing Services Working Group (CHSWG) is to provide a forum for collaboration between families, health, educational and social care professionals, voluntary organisations and others who commission, use or provide services for hearing impaired children. CHSWG is responsible for improving services for families and children by listening …

Skin Cancer

Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 22 Mar 2019

Dealing with melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and rare skin cancers. St George’s is one of the leading skin cancer services in the country and has an international reputation for its management of melanoma, a dangerous skin cancer which can kill. We serve a local population but receive referrals …


Services at | Updated 22 Mar 2019

Visit the Neuro-Oncological Surgery Page

Upper Gastrointestinal (Upper GI) Cancer

Services at | Updated 25 Mar 2019

St George’s provides both diagnostic and local care for patients with cancer of the upper gastrointestinal tract, which includes diagnoses of oesophageal, gastric, pancreatic and hepatobilliary and GI neuroendocrine cancers. There is a seamless relationship with the St George’s endoscopy unit which has an international teaching reputation for upper GI …

Pituitary and Skull Base Tumours

Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 31 Jan 2019

The St Georges Skull base Multidisciplinary Team provides services to patients throughout South and South West London and the Home Counties including Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire. The MDT meets to discuss cases every other Wednesday at 12:30 in the James Ambrose Seminar Room on the second floor of the …

Diabetic Foot Clinic

Services at | Updated 17 May 2019

We are a specialist service providing advanced care for active diabetic foot problems. Services provided: Wound care. This includes debriding (removing) dead tissue to promote wound healing, specialist dressings and pressure relieving techniques. Advanced treatments such as larvae therapy and negative pressure therapy are also available. The management and treatment …