Quality Policy

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The SW Thames Regional Genetics Laboratory is part of the SW Thames Regional Genetics Service and provides postnatal and prenatal diagnostic, predictive and carrier testing for a range of genetic conditions by analysis of chromosomes and DNA. The laboratory is committed to providing a diagnostic service of the highest quality …

Tests available

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Current services and Target Reporting Times Click the links to view OMIM information for specific diseases. Click to view the Disease Information Sheet where available Provider-to-provider price list Private patient price list Private Patients and Overseas referrals Due to the large number of outstanding invoices for private patients and overseas …

Staff Event May 9 2018

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Staff reflect on the experience of giving birth in theatres   A wide range of Maternity staff, including midwives, anaesthetists, obstetricians and theatre nurses got together on 9th May to discuss childbirth in theatres from a mother’s point of view.   The session was part of New Beginnings – a …

Baby Friendly Initiative

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The Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative was launched by WHO and UNICEF in 1991. The initiative is a global effort to implement practices that protect, promote and support breastfeeding. In December 2018 St Georges Neonatal Unit was awarded Stage 2 accreditation of the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative Standards

Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Welcome to our Mental Health and Wellbeing webpage – a central resource for all issues related to mental health and wellbeing in St George’s Hospital. It is a wholly indefensible statistic that people with serious mental illnesses die on average 15 to 20 years earlier than the general population, acting …

Inpatient Services (Epilepsy)

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Liaison Epileptology service in St George’s Hospital Patients admitted to St George’s hospital with seizures are referred to the Epilepsy Registrar who will then see or discuss the individual referrals with the on-call Consultant Epilepsy Specialist. At the moment there is a Consultant Epilepsy Specialist available Monday to Friday, while …

Neuropsychiatry Services (South West London Mental Health Trust)

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Low mood, anxiety, memory problems and other mental health problems are common in people with epilepsy and need to be treated appropriately and effectively. We work in close partnership with our neuropsychiatry and clinical psychology colleagues who provide invaluable input in the assessment and management of our patients with epilepsy …

Outpatient Services (Epilepsy)

Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 26 Nov 2018

First Seizure Clinic Anyone with a suspected first seizure can be referred either by their GP, the A&E department at St George’s hospital, or by the medical team if they were an in-patient at St George’s Hospital, using our using our First Fit Referral Form (see the Leaflets section). The …

Our Vision

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To provide outstanding holistic care for the adult epilepsy population within South West London; this includes not only a comprehensive diagnostic service, but a multidisciplinary individualized approach to support people with epilepsy throughout their lives. To provide support and share excellent practice with other providers in the region, driving equitable …


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