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The SWL Adult critical care network is a system and collaboration of healthcare facilities, professionals, and resources dedicated to providing specialised and intensive care to critically ill patients. Our network involves St. George’s hospital, Croydon Health services hospital, Epsom and St Heliers, The Royal Marsden and Kingston Hospital, medical professionals (such as intensivists, nurses, and respiratory therapists), and advanced medical technologies.

The network is as a multi-organisational, multidisciplinary forum, fostering the exchange of collective knowledge, experience, and best practices within the healthcare sector. We play a pivotal role in overseeing the development and execution of the network’s program objectives, with a specific focus on monitoring data flows in Intensive Care Units across the SWL to enhance service delivery.

Offering clinical advice to the broader Integrated Care System (ICS) and London Cell – NHSE, we guide investment decisions related to critical care services. Additionally, we review and provide guidance on national and other critical care service-related directives for stakeholders in the SWL. Our proactive approach includes developing a network plan for winter pressures and surge situations, aligning with broader sector winter planning initiatives.

We share best practices across the ICS and region, establish standards for effective service delivery, and interface with relevant forums to ensure alignment of work plans and address shared risks and issues. Our commitment involves identifying, resolving, and escalating any system or local challenges that may impede service delivery.

Contact us 

Telephone: 0208 725 4164

Leadership team and key personnel

  • David Williams, Director of Acute Provider Collaborative
  • James Marsh Deputy, Group CEO gesh
  • Emma Duffy, Deputy Director of System Oversight & Emergency Planning
  • Dr Pascale Gruber, Clinical Lead
  • Susan Reynolds, Lead Nurse
  • Tessa Savanhu ,Network Manager
  • Magda Karydi, Admin Support

Network member organisations

  • St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals
  • Kingston University Hospital
  • The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
  • Croydon Health Services